Have you ever asked your clients the real reason they hired you? I have, and the answers, as simple and profound as they were, totally surprised me

I’ll share with you what clients have said:
=> “I want to know what my soul has to share with me about my path in business.”
=> “I want a soul perspective on what I’m creating in my business and how to lead my vision.”
=> “I feel a pull do to do my soul’s work and I want my soul’s support and input to do it.”

In some ways, besides my sweet charm and hold-you-to-your-Truth steadfastness, this is the real reason I am hired.:)

The entrepreneurs that are attracted to my work want the SOUL perspective to making an impact in business so their business is a true reflection of their soul and their purpose.

It’s not a small consideration.

It’s a KEY consideration for them.
It’s because they see the layers of richness, confidence and meaning it brings to their mission and day-to-day activities.

As we work together, their life, their perspective, how they show up and how they run their businesses change as a result of our time together.

These are some examples of the shifts:

⚡️ They lean into deeper self-trust and make more discerning, aligned and confident decisions consistently. They know they are on the path less traveled and the unknown doesn’t paralyze them.

⚡️ They see old patterns that they’ve outgrown and let go of them with love as they bravely step into new horizons.

⚡️ They stand out and speak up for what they believe in, using their business(es) as a force for GOOD. They feel more free to be themselves and they do all this without sacrificing themselves or their core values. They have more self-compassion and give themselves and others more grace.

⚡️ They give up the need to do everything on their own and to be a martyr for their vision. Rather, they choose a path that allows them to be healthy stewards of something bigger than themselves. They leverage their strengths and operate in their sweet spot zone of genius more often.

⚡️ They see how interconnected their business is to the collective, and in turn, they lead and run their businesses to speak to our times while creating paradigms and systems that transcend our times.

Whether they already have trusted mentors, or I’m the only one, they know the soul medicine and guidance that they receive through our time in their Akashic Records is so potent and they wouldn’t imagine doing business any other way.

This isn’t because they are dependent on me to give them the answers or that they can’t do things alone.

It’s because life and business are simple so much richer when they actively and consciously co-create with their souls.

Whether you already have an established business that serves the greater good and you are ready to step into a new level that serves the world AND your soul, or you want to learn how to use your Akashic Records as a tool to do your life’s work; aka your soul’s work, with more ease, I can help.

I offer 2 tracks of support:

1) 1:1 mentorship and coaching support for established service-based women entrepreneurs whose businesses serve the greater good and who are committed to expanding their soul’s work.

2) I also teach spiritually-driven women entrepreneurs how to access soul guidance in their own Akashic Records and/or to add this kind of soul guidance work into how they service their clients.

If I can help, I’d love to see how I can be of service.
Curious what your next step is?

Take a look at the services that I offer, and if you’re still interested, let’s set up a time to talk for 30 minutes and explore the possibilities.

I’d be deeply honoured and delighted to support you on your path.

It’s true that soul work remains as soul-stirring, business expanding and world-changing as ever and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

To your sweet success,


P.S.: Do you have a colleague for whom this work might be the right fit now? I’d so appreciate you sharing this email with her.

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