Earlier this year, a client came to me because she wanted to create an affordable way for her clients to access her wealth of knowledge.

She thought the path to do this would be to create a membership program.

In her mind this would accomplish several things:

1. It would make her work accessible to anyone who wanted her specialized services.

2. It would create a new consistent revenue stream

3. It would be a group container that would allow her to help more people in a leveraged manner.

So we got into her Akashic Records to determine:

– alignment

– feasibility

– the design of this offer

The answer was 100% clear: this was heavy AF. A hell NO!

When I told her that there was nothing about this offer that was aligned with her, she looked simultaneously DISAPPOINTED AND RELIEVED.

A part of her really wanted to create a more accessible offer AND the other part knew she really didn’t want to step into this kind of model.

Her MIND, based on what she’d seen out there, told her that a membership program was the best path to go forward.

=> Her Soul knew otherwise.

There were a few misalignments embedded within this model for her that had to addressed:

First, the business model that was most soul-aligned for her was one where her clients were resourced and would pay a fair and higher price-point to work with her than something at $97/month.

Secondly, she could create and had created group containers that were time and results-specific. They were capped so she could give quality attention to her clients (a top value for her) and that allowed her, at this time in her business, to work with really ideal clients to achieve incredible results.

Third and perhaps the hardest pill for her to swallow, was that she wasn’t here to save her clients from making critical mistakes (her biggest fear and desire).

She wasn’t their saviour, and therefore, her business was not meant to be designed to be a martyr for them either.

Fourth, her ideal clients can and prefer to pay a higher price point to receive the level of attention that she gives to them and the quality of results she provides.

So what did she do instead?

We reworked an existing group offer she had that would allow her clients to get a very specific business result within 90 days (or 6 months) and to pay her a higher rate than she had been charging but that still felt “accessible” in her mind. She also added in payment plans to make it an easier yes and some amazing bonuses.

She still thanks me to this day because our session came at a pivotal time in her business:

Did she spend a ton of time, money and energy into creating a new membership program that was based on a flawed premise of wanting to save people from themselves? OR …

Does she create a program that sees her clients as fully resourced, capable and that invites them to step into their full potential without anyone needing to be saved?

She launched her revamped program shortly after we spoke and to my knowledge she sold out or came very close to it with amazing clients and got much more revenue in 90 days than she would have in a 1 year-long program that, to be blunt, would have “dragged ass!”. Plus, her clients got the best of her which created a win-win-win.

I’m not saying that membership programs aren’t great. But this again, is a key example of something that might make sense to the brain, but just is NOT the way for YOU to be a contribution. Or at least not at this time or in the initial configuration imagined.

If you’re at a pivotal juncture or crossroads in your business and you would like a soul perspective on your business, I invite you to consider my 1 hour Akashic Business Reading special.

We will carve the path forward that best supports ALL of your goals based on what’s most supportive and empowering from your soul’s perspective and that’s based on Truth and Love.

Link in the comments to book your session (thru 7/29 at the $333 rate and you can schedule thru 9/30/22)

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