In 2023…..

I’m making room for more magic by leaning into the harder stuff. The stuff that requires courage, boundaries and deeper trust.
Below I share the six practices that I’m committed to.
If you keep scrolling, I share the six questions I asked myself that you can use in your life to find your core priorities so you create more of what really matters to you. Save this post so when you have time, you can return to it with a journal, a cup of tea and a sweet dose of honesty. :)
Here we go:

1. I prioritize ME.

This means that I put my needs first – truly.I understand what these needs are (better sleep, dog mama boundaries, more alone time, more FUN, more no’s) and am hyper-aware of the triggers that take me away from this practice.

This allows me to function at my best in all ways (bye-bye resentment!).

2. I choose from my awareness, NOT from fear.

This means detaching from perceptions, conclusions and the idea that something needs to be or look a certain way for me to feel safe.

Freedom comes from letting go again and again and again. This is a moment-to-moment practice of self check-ins and compassion.

3. I let my inner authority (aka my Truth) guide my decisions.
This means I choose to lead from my personal power and to stand in my Truth.

This creates confidence and expands my life in all the ways.

4. I feed my Soul
This means I actively choose joy, beauty, adventure and nourishing connections. These nourish me and expand my ability to love my life.

5. I do the hard things
I put into place foundational elements for my future. This means creating legal documents (wills, health directives), reviewing my numbers for retirement, and overall “adulting” so I have the paperwork in place to have peace about the future.

6. I leave lots and lots of room for magic.

This means I keep practicing trust and gratitude as I work through lingering grief and the full range of life’s emotions. I lean into the discomfort knowing it’s temporary and it will support my overall joy and inner peace. I embrace my flow each moment.

At its core, 2023 for me is about rooted expansion, leading from my soul’s authority and practicing detachment, over and over again.

I had to look at where I wasn’t yet feeling ready to take full responsibility and accountability for my life and my future and the inner healing that was required to make me feel strong and safe to do so.

I know that having a higher standard for how I show up will transform my reality in small moments and all the decisions to come.

Now it’s your turn:

Who are YOU being and becoming in 2023?

What’s your North Star for how you are making choices and creating in 2023?

How to create your own Soul Map for 2023 that creates what really matters to you.

1) Core Themes of 2022: What did you notice kept coming up for you emotionally, physically, spiritually and in business?

A core theme for me was fear of the future. I began to notice I didn’t feel safe without having legal and financial planning in place in the event that my husband passed away. As I approach 50, I wanted to think about retirement and my financial future.

2) What have you been tolerating that is eating at your spirit, your joy and your sense of integrity?

Poor sleep, isolation and disconnection were examples for me.

3) What emotions, fears, concerns, desires kept coming up for you that you realized you hadn’t yet the capacity or the know-how to address?

For me, the existential fear of death and dying become really intensified which then led to thinking about the practicalities of how to I want to die/be buried, what would happen if I did, and what documents would I need to have in place to address this. I had to mull over this for months until I finally found a colleague who helped me start talking about this, to unpack my grief and fears and to start putting into place a plan for my death and also documents so my husband knows my wishes. It may sound morbid, but it’s part of my process of “adulting”.

4) What and who were you jealous of? Aka, what were you craving that you realized was missing in your life that you wanted more of?

I realized how much I missed adventure and travel, beautiful things (wearing my nice clothes, going to cultural events, being a part of a community) and frankly, having FUN. Life became so small and ho-hum since the pandemic and it didn’t feel like me.

5) What practices, pattern changes and action steps are required to prioritize and to actualize what matters most to you?

Look at where you self-abandon, where you don’t follow through, where you are afraid and then see what core patterns were at play

6) Who do you need to hire or speak to in order to accomplish your priorities?

It can be a coach, a (trauma) therapist, a financial planner, an accountant, an attorney, a medical professional, to find a new yoga instructor. Make that list and start asking for referrals and doing your research.

Finally, break down the action steps into bite-size pieces per category so you know what to do next.

You can do it by theme or by areas of your life (physical, financial, home, spiritual, business, relationships, family etc).

I’d love to hear what you are prioritizing in 2023. When we change, our world changes.

To your sweet success,


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