We often think of leadership as big gestures and moments. But leadership happens and also becomes tinted- aka compromised in potency- in the micro-moments.

The moment that you:

👉 Put someone on a pedestal and bite your tongue despite having a really strong opinion to share.

👉Have something to say and you give into that momentary pause that tells you to keep scrolling through your feed instead of saying what you mean.

👉Stop yourself short from saying exactly what you mean (i.e. without compromising, minimizing or downplaying what you really want to say).

👉Say yes when you really mean no because you don’t want to disappoint someone or are afraid of creating conflict (lax boundaries).

👉Stop yourself from asking for what you really want because you don’t want to be rejected, judged or misunderstood (i.e. appear difficult or demanding).

👉Don’t ask for the sale or share your content one more time because you think you’ll appear “sales-y or pushy”.

👉Apologize for yourself or recoil in any way when it’s not your fault.

👉 Tell yourself you can keep pushing through when you know it’s time to make a change.

👉 Dive deeper into your to-do list or an on-going project instead of doing a “Live”, writing your newsletter or social media post that will get you visible and uncomfortable.

Self-awareness is the path to noticing when these micro decisions can happen and choosing yourself first.

=> Over time, the upgraded micro decisions – made with self-awareness and courage- start to shape you as a leader and your potency as well.
It’s not always a big bang but rather a slow and steady simmer of a beautiful flower blossoming into its truest essence and beauty a.k.a your Soulfluent® Leadership.

Do any of these scenarios ring true for you?

If you are feeling the call to elevate in how you show up with courage and confidenceI invite you to join us in the next Leadership Roundtable taking place on April 9th (10am – 2pm PT on Zoom) for leaders called to:

– elevate their inner game (aka refine their habits and patterns)
-become more self-aware of their gifts and how to run their business from their strengths even more (hello ease!)
– identify their next money-making project
– become a better leader as they lead their vision, team and communities.

6 spots for established women entrepreneurs who value feedback from a curated group of like-minded peers and are feeling the call to step into their next level of elevated leadership (aka you get to show up as more of you).

This work is done in your Akashic Records that illuminates your soul’s path to leading with purpose in your business and life and in alignment with your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype.

You also receive a 1 hour private session in the Akashic Records with me to dive even more deeply into your business and leadership.

Investment: $500

Click here to grab your seat at the April 9th Roundtable.

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