I did an impromptu Facebook live today where I shared why it’s so hard for us to let go of old formulas, templates and structures.

It’s been my experience, that while there are great methodologies out there that are “tried-and-true”, that they can also be a hindrance to our leadership because of the faulty thinking underlying them.

And yet we keep trying to make them work because:

  1. They give us a false sense of certainty (aka “it will work out, if I follow this). But it’s still a shot in the dark because there’s no guarantee it will work out for us.
  2. It keeps us from the discomfort and unpredictability that comes with creating our own map and finding our own way through faith, self-trust and experimentation.
  3. We haven’t been shown what our way is and how to access it and use it to our benefit.

No one can blame us for trying.

We want to know that what we are doing IS working; that there IS a path to success and that if we do X, then Y will happen.

But in some ways, that is an antiquated business model that is linear and driven by forces outside yourself.

The soul-driven and Soulfluent® approach is more circular (or like a spiral) and it is inward driven by your own soul design and blueprint – NOT someone else’s.

And we don’t always realize how much we are dancing between doing things our way WHILE still operating within a structure that someone else told you would work.

But when the formulas sort of work or stop working altogether – we can panic (I did!). This can then cause us to make ourselves wrong, and go down a negative rabbit hold that creates more frantic energy and a greater disassociation from ourselves.

So if you’ve:

  • Been seeking certainty, a linear path and validation from an outside formula
  • Had a hard time leaning into the discomfort that comes (at times clumsily) with trying to find YOUR way of expressing yourself, your message and connecting from the heart
  • Been tip-toeing around saying what you really want to say and making the changes you really know need to be made in your business – you’re not alone.

And… that’s what the Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide is here to do: to help you identify, access and to trust yourself with YOUR way of doing things.

This is the SOUL EDGE: Being brave enough to say, be and do YOU because frankly, you just know there’s no other way around it.

But there is another way and I’d love to walk along side you so you have the support and encouragement on your soul’s path.

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To your sweet success,

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