I teach clients to follow their joy in their business. It’s a game changer.

I’d like to think that I do the same.

Except I didn’t.

Earlier this year I really felt called to create a community where women entrepreneurs and emerging leaders had a safe space to have real conversations about life, business and leadership.

And despite every cell in my being screaming NOT to, I created a Facebook group – for the second time.

I created the graphics, I wrote the policies and procedures. I invited people into the group.

And it felt like a chore – again.

The truth is that I despise the idea of having a Facebook group.   There is nothing about managing it, leading it or growing it that I like in practice.  

But I told myself that this time it would be different.

That I just needed to “will” myself into it and that over time it would be worth the effort.

The problem: there was ZERO joy in this project.

And it showed.

I didn’t engage in the group and neither did the people in it.

Oops! Cute, not bright of me.

So the good news is that my awareness is spot on.

The great news is that it’s awesome to experiment in business.

And what else is possible once you follow your awareness and realize that “oh yeah! This may be awesome for other people and NOT for me.”

So even though I am all about joy in business, the point is that we all fall into the trap of the fear of missing out once in a while, we try to convince ourselves to do things we know we just don’t want to do and we wonder why we aren’t happy.

I say this not for you (or I) to beat ourselves up.

Rather, as a reminder that it’s normal for us to detour off our path when we lose faith or when we aren’t yet sure what OUR WAY looks like.

I’m in the process of still asking questions around what community looks like for me or if I ever really want to build one beyond my newsletter list.

I do love the idea of starting a local women’s monthly dinner club where we truly gather over delicious food and have REAL conversations with amazing people.

THAT lights me up!

So today,  I want to give you permission to STOP doing ANYTHING in your business that does NOT light you up (I know crazy ass good idea, right?).

When my coach told me to just close down my group this week I was “that’s bold and that’s easy” and that’s what I will be doing.


I chose something different based on my awareness.

No drama or trauma. Simply a NEW ALIGNED CHOICE.

In fact, it’s been the aligned choice all along to not have a Facebook group.

And what else is possible.

So what expands your joy in your business right now?

I want you to take a moment and answer these questions:

  1. What ALREADY lights you UP in your business right now?
  2. What are you ready to STOP doing for good or to delegate because you just hate it or you lost the joy in it? (By the way, it’s 100% ok to change your mind).
  3. What joyful creations does your business want you to co-create next?  Is it a new program? A new business model? Different clients?

I’ve undergone all of these changes over the last 9 months in my business and while it was scary to take the leap and to trust my joy, I am sincerely happier, healthier and wealthier for it ☺

Choosing joy in your business can mean the difference between: a struggling business where you have to “will” yourself to “work” vs. one where you wake up excited to share your brilliance.

Choosing joy means inviting ease and less hustle (hello alignment).

Choosing joy means having more spaciousness to do what you love and working smarter (NOT harder).

Choosing joy means you are operating in your zone of genius instead of doing a lot of busy work.

Choosing joy means your life gets a lot happier and easier.

Is amplifying the joy in your life and your business a priority for you right now?

I’m opening up 3 spots on my calendar for a 30 minute complimentary discovery call where we will explore:

  • The top areas that are draining your spirit and your energy in your business
  • An immediate action step to take to shift you and your business into more joy and ease
  • An action plan to get you moving forward.

If during the call I feel that I can help you further, I will make a recommendation of a next step to support you.

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