I am so excited to share a new way that I’m paying it forward!

I’m bringing back my 1 hour intuitive business readings in the Akashic Records in a new way.

Here is how it works:

Every month I am opening up 5 spots for intuitive business readings at the $250 rate.  (This is half off my regular rate.)

There is no limit of sessions to buy at any time and you can book the session whenever you choose.

However, once the 5 special rate spots have been taken each month, you get rolled into the following month to buy at the promo rate.

All sessions must be completed by January 31, 2018.  You can buy these as a gift and are transferable. Please know that this is a sacred space and not everyone is ready for it.


I also recorded a video love note for you. Watch my video invite here. (5 minutes).

I have done hundreds of readings and worked with highly successful multi-6 figure + 7 figure business owners as well newbies and created incredible magic.

In sessions: 

  • Bestselling books have been born and many others are in the works
  • New revenue streams have been identified and implemented
  • Rates confidently increased with ease
  • Awesome new programs, pricing structures and retreats created
  • Clients have cleared old patterns and shifted stuck energy and mindsets so they are in action and making more money
  • New businesses born and blind spots kicked to the curb!
  • Leveraged their business so they help more people while living more.

To book your session:CLICK HERE.    

Promo code: CLIENTLOVE

Is this the contribution your business has been asking for? I would be so honoured to support you and your business if I feel like the next step or quantum leap for you.