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In the summer of 2014 my entire world changed for the better when I accessed my Akashic Records for the first time.

The unrelenting skeptic in me disappeared and in its place emerged a woman in awe of the energy of Love and Truth that she had accessed and the clarity and wisdom that her guides had for her. I could no longer deny that there was incredibly loving energy available to support us at all times and I no longer felt (so) alone in the world.

The energy was so potent in fact that I tell people often that it was like “love crack”.

My journey with the Akashic Records started a year earlier, in fact, when I was still a Health Coach searching for that missing piece in my practice.

I serendipitously received an email in my inbox about a program called Heal Your Body Story in the Akashic Records and was intrigued. I was going through a big life transition at the time and I knew that I needed energetic not talk medicine to help me move through it.

Not ever having heard of the Akashic Records or of the person doing the program (she’d later be my Akashic Records teacher), I instantly knew to reach out to her and I spent five weeks in a very intensive healing program in my Akashic Records with her.

In that program, I not only received incredible healing at a deep soul level but I simultaneously uncovered the missing piece of my work: the Akashic Records.

In the subsequent 6 months, I signed up for all three levels of training in the Soul Journeys Akashic Records Training Method:

Akashic Records Level 1: You learn to read your own Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Level 2: You learn to read the Akashic Records of others and to do deeper healing work in the Records such as cutting cords, vows and a whole lot more.

Akashic Records Level 3: You learn deeper healing training in the Records.

I had the option to pursue teacher training as well but that never felt aligned for me (but it’s an option for you if you feel called to that down the road).

During my practice hours for Level 2 I was so scared of the responsibility of giving soul guidance to people that I told friends I was doing free readings and in two and half months I did close to 100 free readings for people!It was nuts AND in so doing I realized that my gift was really in helping people to grow their business and to live their purpose. I didn’t enjoy readings on relationships, I have zero medical intuitive abilities and I really disliked general sessions that didn’t seem to have a general purpose.

If you aren’t familiar with the Akashic Records let me share a bit more about them.

What are the Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records, also called your soul’s records or “Book of Life” are the complete documentation of everything you’ve experienced in every lifetime since your soul’s creation. Every dream, pattern, relationship, struggle, desire and success is found within its sacred pages. An Akashic Records reading, also known as a soul reading, allows you to create a deeper relationship between yourself and the Divine and to get a detailed look into what’s standing in the way of what you truly desire.

Akasha means ether in Sanskrit. I like to think of it as an infinite space of wisdom, guidance, clarity and Love that feels like home and that reminds us of how loved and magnificent each one of us really is.

The Akashic Records are a sacred space of healing, truth and love, intended to help you align with your soul’s purpose, release blocks and patterns of self-sabotage, and create a life of bliss that aligns with who you truly, undeniably are.

Perhaps one of the distinguishing elements of the Akashic Records is that is a deep space of personal responsibility and empowerment.

For this reason, readings in the Records are not predictive or psychic. While they provide incredible clarity, it is a space that asks that you come prepared with your questions, that you are open to receive what is in your highest good and that you never forgo your free will to choose what’s best for you by using your discernment and intuition.

The reader is in essence a channel for the guidance coming through from your guides (a.k.a. your Record Keepers). The information comes through in a multi-sensory way. For me, I hear the guidance (feels like simultaneous translation), I see images and I also feel emotions.

And the cool part is that anything that has consciousness has an Akashic Record. So you can open the Records of a country, a book, a business, a relationship, a home, a city, a weather event like a hurricane or for any number of groups (such I open up the Records of my newsletter list and ask for guidance on a quarterly basis).And when you learn to read the Records of others, you can access the Records of any of these spaces as well.

Just like any other modality, I feel like the Akashic Records calls to those ready for it.

It’s a truly sacred space and a magnificent way to grow spiritually, to deepen your understanding of yourself and of the Universe and to have guidance on demand from your soul guides when you need it.

Whether you feel the pull to learn to read your own Akashic Records for your own personal development or to add it to your coaching or healing practice, it’s perfect.

I also love how we all have the ability to access our own Akashic Records. You don’t need to have a special gift to do it – just the pull towards it.

Here are just a few benefits of learning to read your Akashic Records for yourself:

  • Receive soul guidance on demand so you have immediate clarity and a plan of action for any question, inquiry or challenge that you might have.
  • Shift energy quickly, gain a new perspective on a past or present issue that will give you peace and a path forward with more kindness and joy.
  • Access a healing space of Love and Truth to hang out and to raise your frequency at will.
  • Significantly hone your intuitive abilities and your connection to the Divine.
  • Provide life and business changing guidance and soul-level healing to people that are ready to receive the transformation.
  • Download your own body of work (like I did with the Soulfluent Leadership Archetypes).

In your Akashic Records you can ask about anything. When you access the Records, you may find that you enjoy specializing in a specific area, or focus on doing the deeper healing work of clearing energies or being a generalist where you do a bit of everything.It’s all perfect.

So why am I sharing with you?

For several years I have attracted clients who were invited to learn to read the Akashic Records and have always referred them out to a couple of my colleagues (see below) who are masterful at teaching the Soul Journeys Method that I learned.

There are other training modalities and several books out there if you want to learn to access your Records on your own or through a different training program.

I can personally vouch for the methodology I went through and I find that having the personal live attention in a virtual class with an intimate group of people to be the most incredible way to learn about the Records.

And today I want to share with you a couple of virtual Akashic Records Level 1 classes that my colleagues Arriya and Vanessa are teaching next month.

All Soul Journeys classes are virtual so you can do them from anywhere in the world (so awesome).

So here are the details if learning to read your Akashic Records speaks to you:

Soul Journeys Akashic Records Level 1 virtual training (2 days on Zoom):

=> This is where you learn to access your own Akashic Records, you identify your primary ways of receiving information, learn about the different ways to do healing in the Akashic Records and you access your Records on day 1 so you have time to practice and refine your skills in real time.

Below are both teachers that I recommend. Arriya and Vanessa have both been certified in and teach the Soul Journeys Akashic Records Training Methodology and they both offer payment plans. See who you resonate with best and what dates work best for you.

Akashic Records Level 1: November 14, 21 on Zoom with Vanessa Codorniu
Click here to check out details for Vanessa’s training.

Akashic Records Level 1: November 6-8 on Zoom with Arriya Kingrey
Click here to check out details for Arriya’s training.

If you choose to continue your Akashic Records training beyond Level 1, both Arriya and Vanessa teach all levels so you can continue on with them when it’s timely.

If you have any questions about whether learning to read your Akashic Records is right for you, feel free to email me (and/or the teachers above) and I’m happy to give you my insights as well.

To your spiritual growth,

P.S.: I am an affiliate of Arriya and Vanessa’s and I may receive monetary compensation if you sign up for their Akashic Records Level 1 course. However, I have been referring my clients to them for years without compensation and would continue to do so as I trust their expertise implicitly and know that you are in exceptionally good hands.The only deciding factor for you is which teacher you resonate most with and what dates work best for you.

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