I bet you have mornings when you wake up and just don’t want to be a grown up.

I do.

Not because my desk is a mess or because I dislike my work.

It’s because of the responsibility and at times significance I’ve attached to the work I do.

Leadership can feel scary, hard, uncomfortable, too much, overwhelming and something you just plain want to ignore and brush under the carpet.

Leadership can impose a certain conditioning that makes you want to be everything you think you “should” be rather than who you are.

So you shut down.

You procrastinate.

You spend just a little more time on Facebook.

And you stop leading in your work and even in your life.

All those unrealistic expectations, the desire to be “perfect” and all the fears and doubt that comes up that if you are yourself people will judge, criticize and hate on you.

Sure – sign me up for THAT.

But here’s the thing.

Leadership is really all about CONTRIBUTION and JOYFUL CONTRIBUTION.

That’s what the Leading From Your Soul body of work is really about.

It’s about being the invitation for you to lead yourself to success, joy and alignment on YOUR TERMS with YOUR MAGIC and IN YOUR WAY.

You can exhale now.

Forget about the word leadership even and think about how you want to contribute and the ways that doing it makes you happy and full of GLEE even.

Do ideas of having fun, being playful, and being more yourself come up?

If so, YES to all of it.

Leadership is an inside job ALWAYS and knowing that your soul’s path to leadership, purpose and joy is uniquely your own.

You only need tap into yourself and ask questions and be willing to hear the answers.

And while leading can seem scary, what if it wasn’t?

What if you took a baby step today and focused on helping one person today that you just know you can help?

What if you focused on what is a 100% yes I can’t believe I get to do this and be paid for it kind of a deal.

So when the heaviness of “leadership” and “service” and “responsibility” bite you in the butt, return all of that conditioning to sender and ask yourself:

How can I contribute today in a way that’s joyful and that makes me money right away?

Then listen to whatever shows up.

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