I am giddy to be unveiling the Leading From Your Soul Archetype Assessment with you.

This body of work helps you to understand your innate soul gifts, strengths and natural leadership style so you lead more powerfully by being more of YOU.

There are 5 categories.

While we each have a portion of each of these archetypes within us, we have a dominant archetype that informs the pull we feel to change the world and the specific gifts, strengths and challenge we have as well.

At this time in history, we are all feeling the pull to step up and to be a greater contribution in the world.

And, perhaps you are wondering where to start?

You might be asking yourself:

  • Am I ready to lead?
  • Am I equipped to help someone or a greater cause right now? Do I need more training or skills?
  • Can my contribution really make a difference?
  • What if I’m not a leader?  I don’t look or sound like anyone I know that leads.
  • What if people don’t get me?

And, what if, you are perfectly designed at soul-level to be a leader?

In my book, leadership is defined as contribution.

By default, we are all leaders since we are all contributing on a daily basis: to ourselves, the people we love, to our careers and businesses and to the greater good.

So what if we start from the place that you ARE a natural born leader.

Are you ready to learn more about yourself as a leader and how to be more of YOU as you lead, contribute and make your impact in the world?

You don’t need to imitate anyone else or have “leader envy” as I jokingly call it.

You just need to acknowledge, embrace and embody the incredible leader that you are naturally already designed to be.

This self-awareness and a willingness to acknowledge your contribution can be incredibly enlightening, freeing and empowering.

So are you ready to discover what kind of a leader you are at soul-level?


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