I remember the bleak winter in New York City when I knew that I couldn’t spend another year there.

But everything I knew was there – my mother, my friends, my favorite boba tea place! I knew that life – and it was one that I worked hard to create, too.

But I could no longer make it work. I was craving a lot more sunshine. And I was ready to find love.

So I moved across the country where I knew no one.

I trusted (even when my ego was kicking and screaming) that if I followed my desires, it would pay off. Even though logically I could come up with every reason to stay with my life that I knew so well, I took a bold action.

I created the next step from a totally different energy than what got me to that place in my life in the first place.

I now call San Diego home and I found my true love. Alex and I met at a dance class and we were married three years after we met.

We added three fur babies to our family, too.

I envisioned this life even when I had no idea how it was going to happen. (This wasn’t the only time I took a leap of faith like this. I’ve changed careers three times and went through many dark nights of the soul to find my bliss.)

When my clients share their dreams with me, it’s a similar experience.

They envision something that feels almost out of reach… and they are tempted to achieve that vision through hard work, pushing, staying focused, and putting in the time.

The SoulfluentⓇ way to run a business, lead, and create change can feel like a leap of faith because what got you to your current level of success isn’t what will take you to the next.

Growing your business this way is about alignment and expressing who you are.

Now that you know you are the Mystic Archetype – let’s take a look at what phase of business you are in so you can identify your next step:

Active Growth Phase: You are growing your business and it’s not as consistent as you’d like or it’s not happening as quickly as you’d hoped.

=>Your next step is to identify how your business model looks through the lens of your Mystic Archetype.

Plateau Phase: You’ve created systems and consistent results but you can’t seem to move past the income you’re making. The temptation is to create a new offering, add a team member, or work harder.

=>Your next step is to adjust your business model, team, and offerings to be in full alignment with your Mystic Archetype.

Burnout Phase: You’ve hit a wall and may be secretly wondering if you can keep doing what you’re doing. A lot of people in this phase are so afraid of losing what they’ve worked so hard to create, that they don’t know how to keep everything moving if they stop doing what they’ve been doing. So they continue with the pace because at least they know it “works.” (But does it really work if you can’t sustain it?)

=>Your next step is to trust that you can create without working so hard and by integrating your Mystic Archetype and innate gifts, you’ll be able to create success that’s sustainable. You’ll replace some systems with your Soulfluent® way.

The first step to ignite change is that moment of loving honesty when you recognize that what you know is no longer what you want.

Every business model is different and when I work with clients in any of these phases, it comes down to alignment with these three elements: the business model, the message, and the money.

Every person has a unique way of integrating their Soulfluent® gifts. There is no one size fits all here, your Mystic Archetype is the catalyst to get you on the right path that matches your current cycle of business and season of life.

Once you’re on the right map, then you follow your soul’s guidance for the specifics. That’s what I help you with.

Here are a couple resources to help you design your unique path and to create what you desire:

– this is ideal for people who want to know what their next immediate step is in business.

– if you’re looking for more of a DIY approach, this is a great step.

1:1 work – If you know you’d like some help amplifying your Mystic Archetype gifts and aligning to what your unique business model is, to explore how we can work together.

To your joyfully aligned next steps,


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