I am so excited to introduce you to two incredible women I have been privileged to mentor over the last few years.

Besides the amazing successes they have achieved, what I am most proud of is who they have become as leaders.

Carolynn Bottino: Founder of the Money Empowerment Project, event planner + bookkeeper extraordinaire.

With over 60 active bookkeeping clients and on-going events when we first met, Carolynn was working 70-80+ hours a week, and she couldn’t see how she could expand her business when she was already working nights and weekends and her social life and time with her husband were being put on the back burner.

She hired me to help her leverage her business model, to build out a team so she could have more free time and also to birth a soul’s calling for her: a new container to support women to feel empowered with their money.

Over the course of 6 months, Carolynn hired a part-time bookkeeper, tripled her rates and barely lost any clients, crossed 6 figures in her business, had a ton of time to travel, be with her family, she moved to San Diego and bought her dream home and birthed her pride and joy: The Money Empowerment Project.

Today, The Money Empowerment Project is on track to support women worldwide to be empowered, abundant and joyful with money.She recently launched her first 21-day Money Cleanse and has developed the free Money Mojo quiz to help you understand your money personality better.

She is currently working on her first book and on more delicious ways to help women globally overcome their money stories and become kickass with money.

I love what Carolynn says: “Yes you can have a gorgeous mission-based business, money and a beautiful life.”

=>> To take the Money Mojo quiz and to learn more about Carolynn click here.

Kathryn Rogers: CEO of Vivacious Dish + Founder of Maya Moon Co. Chakra Chocolate Truffles

When Kathryn and I met she was already a successful healthy food chef and deeply connected to the San Diego sustainable farming and food community.

An activist at heart, her message to remind us to commune with and create harmony with Mother Earth was already clear and reverberating.

And she was ready to embark on a new soul’s calling: to create and distribute nationally, a proprietary line of healthy and nourishing desserts.

As excited as Kathryn was, she was overwhelmed by the enormity of the vision and needed clear step-by-step guidance to have focus and more importantly to step into the role of CEO of her business.

When I channeled her 14-page marketing plan during her VIP day, the steps were clear and the path to support her to step into the leader of her business, her message and her future were clear.

As she researched the impact on the environment of the ingredients that it would take to source and put into her healthy desserts line, she received a download during a meditation to develop a line of decadent organic chakra chocolate truffles that were launched this year.

The Maya Moon Co was born and Kathryn launched a successful $25,000 kick-starter campaign this year to raise funds for the next leg of her chocolate truffle line’s distribution.

I love what Kathryn said about our work together: “My work with Priscilla helped me to connect on a deep resonant level about who I am, what I’m passionate about and how to create that into a profitable business – one that will impact and help millions of people around the world.”

To learn more about Kathryn’s work or to order a box of chocolate truffles for yourself click here.

The transformation into leadership in their own words:

Carolynn and Kathryn have each shared their journey of transformation in their own words which you can watch here (11 minutes long).


Client Transformations

Both Carolynn and Kathryn bravely followed and birthed the vision in their soul to contribute to the greater good and have stepped into their personal power as a result.

They have stepped into the expression of their Soul Leadership.

They are true leaders in their fields; authentic, caring, potent and with clear platforms to share their deeply resonant message + magic. And this is just the beginning!

They now deeply own their message, they have stepped into authentic and powerful leadership, they have overcome at times crippling fears and have carved their own soul’s path to success, fulfillment and impact.

Results can come and go but who you become in the process of stepping into Soul Leadership is the greatest reward.

Now it’s your turn.

Would you like to step into your next level of business leadership?

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I can’t wait to support you.

To your sweet success,


P.S.: Not sure which of my programs is the best fit for your business? Email me and we can set up a conversation to see what’s best and if I’m not the ideal person, I’m happy to make a referral.

P.P.S: While Carolynn and Kathryn embarked on longer term programs, clients receive results and are encouraged to join programs that suit where they are in business and life.

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