And so we come to my last newsletter of the year.

And it felt appropriate to share a love letter I wrote to 2016 in the hopes that it may inspire you.

Here it is:

Dear 2016,

You were nothing like I had hoped and yet you bore key lessons that I needed to learn.

I can’t say that I learned them willingly and had I known what was coming I probably would have resisted even more so than I already did.

You left no area of my life unturned.

Yes you were like a diamond 2016. You polished every facet of my life.

You taught me….

  1. To take responsibility for my results: yup for everything. This includes the places that I was unwilling to be myself in my business, for my financial expansion (or lack thereof) and in all areas of my life.
  1. That I am not fit to do business like most people (i.e. yes I am a Unicorn) and that the lack of acceptance of that fact will only mean more pain and less impact in the world.
  1. That alignment is paramount to joy and success. You showed me all the places, ways, nooks and crannies where old beliefs, dynamics and patterns had been holding me back and illuminated it so clearly that I had no way but to change course. It has been excruciatingly painful at times (hello resistance) and yet so needed. I heard the message and I am already making the necessary shifts that you require.
  1. To listen to my body. After a year of anxiety and panic attacks, headaches and extreme fatigue, you warned me to stop my old ways and to put my body and self-care FIRST. You also showed me how my old beliefs, fears and ways of doing business were impacting my health and insisted that I find a new way. My new health protocol is showing promising results and I know for sure that my new way of doing business in 2017 will allow my body to be a happy camper.
  1. That service is NOT servitude. This is a big one. I had to see all the places where I was offering services for the money and opening up my calendar in ways that didn’t make me happy out of fear. I had to see ALL the ways and places in which I was serving out of FEAR (ouch!). My new calendar and my soul visioning process is one where this will not happen anymore.
  1. JOY, LOVE AND FREEDOM are the new benchmark. This is about living a 100% hell yes life. I’ve gotten glimpses of it as I’ve made some shifts and I’m realizing the courage (and the freedom) that comes from being honest, clear and committed to my sense of joy first. This is closely linked to #5 above.
  1. I’ve surrendered to living more in the question. This is what I learned from Access Consciousness. …. A willingness to be curious and unattached rather than controlling everything from my head. Good-bye terrorizing fear and I’m leaning into the questions, expansion and possibility instead and taking my damn power back.
  1. Coming from a place of wholeness. I was witness to some big limiting beliefs holding me back. From operating from a place of avoiding rejection and failure, from a place of perfectionism, neediness and approval at times isn’t easy to admit or share but again – required in order for me to move passed them and own my power.
  1. I have a beautiful soul vision to share in 2017 around Soul Leadership, my book, public speaking, teaching and more and I know that who I am BEING will be a key determinant of my results. I know the work I have to share is magnificent and brilliant and I am so excited to get it in the hands of the right people that will be ready for it and I am actively examining my habits, patterns and beliefs so that I step into my personal power and be the person I need to be to create the results I desire.
  1. In my relationships: I learned the power of ALLOWANCE, KINDNESS and GENEROSITY. When I stopped being so judgmental and demanding and evoked the 3 practices I mention here, everything shifted. It wasn’t easy because I wanted to be right and for things to look my way. But I was ultimately more committed to being happy.
  1. I was willing to be vulnerable: in my relationships and even more so in my business and it has allowed for more connection and depth which has made all the difference and I know this is just the beginning.
  1. Gratitude: I have a much greater appreciation for gratitude than ever before. Thinking I was literally going to die for several months given my health, I have an entirely new appreciation for the present moment and how to live in the here and now. It has also meant being more humble and graceful and allowing the magic of the moment to present itself.
  2. ASK: I have asked for what I wanted: in friendships, with colleagues, at my apartment complex, in my relationship and it has meant that I get to be empowered and joyful because I am getting what I want rather than complaining about what I do not have. This amp’ed up practice is definitely coming with me in 2017.

Amidst the death of people close to me, health issues, relationship ups and downs, unknowns on my business path, new leaps and strides and confronting painful truths, I have emerged a more willing participant in my joy and my success.

I had to be willing to see what was truly not working (and the respective pain) to change.

And changing I am.

2017 is a bright year. I can feel it and it will be my break out year because I am ready for it and I am stepping into my power more so than ever before.

May the Force be with us all! LOL

And may 2017 be the year that you’ve always hoped for and more. I look forward to supporting you on your soul’s path in 2017.

I will back in your inboxes in mid-January.

Until then, Happy holidays and Happy new Year.

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