2023 was unforgiving in showing the seismic gap between what I needed to do to move my goals forward and my readiness to do it. My actions and my goals were severely misaligned.

If this happens to you, especially after the first few months of the new year, I share some insights from a personal process I’m taking myself through to help you stay focused on what matters most to you by making Divine deposits into your most treasured dreams.

The lynchpin to this process is creating energetic coherence between my core values, my non-negotiable goals and the character traits that are required to make the shifts reality.

  • Core Values
  • Non-negotiable goals
  • Behaviour shifts + character traits to support the goals
  • Anchoring phrases, images and objects to keep you focused

The third one is really the MAGIC to everything falling into and staying steady in place.

I’ve found that when there’s coherence between these top 3 elements above, especially when you CONNECT EACH GOAL TO A CORE VALUE, you are ANCHORED into an energetic foundation that will hold you not only to a higher personal standard, but to a vision that will sustain you beyond the daily fears that will inevitably creep up to stop you.

So let’s go by step:

Core Values: identify or revisit your top 5. Here are mine: joy, freedom, connection, adventure, creativity.

Non-negotiable goals: I like 3 major ones/year and this year there are 6.

Behaviour shifts: identify resistance, patterns of behaviour, negative thinking, where you stop or take yourself out of the game, collapse into victimhood (these are just some of mine) AND what new character traits you need to FLEX and lean into to create your results (ex: courage, discernment, holding boundaries).

Anchors: have key phrases, visual images or objects, a community that activate inspiring feelings that move you forward. This includes WHY this goal matters so much to you.

The benefits of this process:

1. Clarity allows you to see your blindspots. More specifically, to see the cracks between what you say you want, what you really want and what you’re ACTUALLY DOING to actualize it in your life. It also allows you to be honest about what you really want vs what you think you “should” want.

2. Self-awareness allows you the space to TRACK your thoughts -> feelings -> behaviours – > resistance – > results. Basically, how coherent is the chain of command!

3. Practice allows you to see yourself changing in real time and to celebrate and to have compassion when you fall a bit short (normal!).

4. Track how you are feeling weekly or monthly. Your feelings should help you track whether you’re on your way (for me it’s ALIVENESS) or if you’re getting wobbly!

As I started connecting the dots, I realized how much stronger I felt to pursue so much new territory ahead.

I’m super visual and like to create mind maps that encapsulate on 1 page my core thoughts. Here’s mine below.

And this is where the concept of Divine investments or Divine deposits came to me last week.

Divine investments are actions, decisions and choices you make that FULLY ALIGN with the goals you are creating.

Think of them as energetic deposits towards your dreams.

These Divine investments are AMPLIFIERS that move you towards your goals and often require BOTH taking new action based on a character trait you’ve been underutilizing AND phasing out old patterns that held you back. The results promise new outcomes.

2024 is the Year of Possibilities where our choices with continue to amplify our lives so let’s make sure our deposits are in the buckets (core goals) that we really want to make.

So if this post supports you, take a moment to be really honest with yourself about:

  • What do you REALLY want to create in 2024? Connect it to a core value you have.
  • What beliefs, images and stories can you lean on to hold you true to your vision?
  • What energies can you embody to allow for what you desire to come to fruition?
  • What character traits do you need to flex more, and what behaviours must you release to create the results you desire?

May you be rooted in Truth, fueled my exceptional self-care and informed by the energies and character traits that inspire you to soar higher, deeper and more bravely than you have before.

2024 is the year of dreams coming true after we healed so much so make sure that you are investing your energy in making them a reality.

To your sweet success,


P.S.: I am taking new 1:1 mentorship clients in 2024. If you’re looking to rebuild your existing business foundation or to step into a whole new level of soul-informed impact, fulfillment and prosperity, I’d love to speak with you to see if we are a fit.

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