In my Akashic contribution to the 2023 Mystics Almanac, I channeled this phrase: The world does not need more doers, it needs more Mystics”.

Healers come in many forms. And today, I share with heartfelt appreciation, the people who have impacted me in the last year and who I would highly recommend you connect with if they resonate with you.

Moreover, I share my deep, deep gratitude for YOU, who continues to heal our planet through your soul’s work, your resilience and fierce devotion to making the world a better place. Thank you:)

Energetic Healing

Cord Cutting: I had my first cord cutting session last month. I had no idea that we could have such strong ties with people from our past and the incredibly negative impact that it can have on every area of your life. If you’ve been stuck in old patterns and you think this might be for you, I invite you to check out my colleague Kellie Reese’s cord cutting session or Soul Bundle HERE.

ThetaHealing: I have been doing ThetaHealing work virtually now for a few years and I find that it’s gentle and potent ability to permanently shift my perspective and my energy in a way that opens me up to my personal power and strength has been a life-saver. It’s primed me to do deeper healing work, to process my grief and has calmed my nervous system. There are thousands of global practitioners and Kathryn has been my Theta guide. You can connect with her HERE. Plus, her organic, chocolate truffles are to live for.

Deep energetic healing: My Akashic Records student Bonnie Kutter has a great ability to shift energy and her healing session for me last month opened me up to new possibilities I hadn’t been ready for until now. You can learn more about her HERE, while her new website is being constructed.

Spiritual guidance and Soul support: My Akashic Records teacher Alexis Logan just launched her year-long membership Re-Sourced that supports spiritually astute and high-achieving women to step into owner their power of creatorship and understanding themselves in a much deeper way at the soul level. Her container includes live support, courses on sex, wealth codes, creating with soul and so much more. I’ve joined and you can check out the two levels HERE.

Relationships: I love the work that my colleague Jenny Glick is doing to invite women into their sovereign power in relationships so they are no longer reactive but live from their power and Truth. As a family, sex and relationship therapist and Sophia Code Circle guide, she holds incredible space for your Truth to shine through and for you to reclaim your personal power in romantic relationships. More on her work HERE.

Business Support: I worked with my dear colleague Therese Skelly this summer to help me work through some mindset kinks and to stay accountable, She has a wonderful $97/month business membership that gives you training, live Q&A as well as 1:1 programs to help you with all things business. You can learn more about her HERE.

Business Services support

Bookkeeping: Having a non-judgmental guide that’s also highly Mystical has been incredibly healing as I’ve worked through my money story and embraced my power to create an abundant life. Carolynn is a dear colleague, former client and a highly skilled and intuitive bookkeeper and money coach, You can learn more about her services HERE.

Legal support: Lisa Fraley is my go-to person for all things legal. She is an attorney, health coach, fellow Mystic who wrote a book that connects the chakras to legal support. She’s one-of-a-kind and has all sorts of DIY legal templates and 1:1 support for all of your business legal documents. She is all about service and only offers guidance with 100% legal love. You can learn more about her HERE.

Book writing + self-publishing: Shanda Trofe did an amazing job helping me to make my book what it was and to have it become an international bestseller. She has a Book writing Academy and offers 1:1 full service for authors looking to write and to self-publish their transformational books. You can learn more about her HERE.

Print Resources

2023 Mystics Almanac: I’m honoured to be the Akashic Records contributor for the fifth year in a row for the Mystics Almanac. It provides Mystic guidance (numerology, astrology, Akashic Records) and so much more so you have daily, monthly and yearly guidance to navigate the year ahead with grace, resilience and fortitude. You can purchase either a print or a PDF copy. Details HERE.

Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny: Barbara’s work helping women embrace their power with money is pragmatic, spiritual and unapologetic. I have found that her work combined with Bari Tessler’s The Art of Money book which brings somatic work to money healing to have been really helpful. You can get your copy of the book HERE.

Being You, Changing the World by Dr. Dain Heer. This book is a spiritual reference guide that keeps on giving. It was written by the co-founder of Access Consciousness®. I invite you to check out this incredible body of work and how it empowers you to choose for yourself and to live a life without judgments.

Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide: My book is a step-by-step guide to help you create your soul-driven business in a way that truly reflects who you are at a soul-level and your innate leadership gifts and talents. The print copy is colour coded and has examples of 15 businesses that reflect each of the 5 Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes. You can purchase your signed copy HERE.

I am sharing these resources with you because I believe in them wholeheartedly and have used them myself. They reflect the qualities I seek in practitioners: a high sense of integrity and excellence, a genuine desire to support the welfare of the client first and foremost and they have walked their own spiritual path and are the real deal. I’m likely missing a few others but this covers a pretty good spectrum 🙂

Finally, while I may receive an affiliate fee after the fact if you sign up as a thank you, that’s not the intention with which I share this work with you.

I hope you find some gems in the mix and I send you so much love.

To your sweet success,


P.S.: Of course, I am happy to offer my own support in your healing, spiritual development and soul-driven business growth as well. You can reach out to me via email or check out my website for more information on my on-going 1:1 services HERE.

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