I want to introduce you to my dear client Dr. Tanya Beaubrun and her incredible journey of leadership and transformation.

Dr. Tanya Beaubrun: Family Physician, Holistic Health Coach, Creator of the Body Joy ™ Process

When Tanya and I met she was a burned out family physician doctor.

She had a thriving medical clinic in her homeland of St. Lucia in the Caribbean and a beautiful family life but she craved greater self-expression.

She wanted to start an online business that allowed her to coach more clients and in more ways than traditional medicine allowed for.

She knew there was a better way to serve her patients – one that was more holistic and that gave them mind-body-spirit tools for healing and she yearned to reach a bigger audience.

We developed her online business presence from scratch, created programs that were deeply holistic in approach and outlined how she would touch more lives through speaking, books and in-person events including workshops, retreats and more.

Despite being a respected member of her community, starting an online business and embarking on new forms of self-expression were definitely Tanya’s edge.

She stuck with the process, she kept inviting her clients, friends, and colleagues into immersive, transformative programs that sold out.

She then took a leap and moved to Florida to embark on a 1 year functional and integrative medicine training to expand her skillset and bring more options to her patients back in her clinic.

She has now helped hundreds of women in the Caribbean and globally to step into greater health and well-being, has had a ton of fun doing in-person events, dinners and retreats for people to go deeper, ran several virtual group programs and cleanses, has begun offering sound bowl healing monthly sessions in St. Lucia.

This week Tanya launched her first book: Of Bubbles, Buddha and Butterflies which tells the inspiring story of her own personal transformation, of overcoming her fears and choosing to fully step into living her dreams and leading from her personal power.

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In the process of our work together, she developed and trademarked the Body Joy ™ process to support women to feel well and joyful in their skin again through a mind-body-spirit approach.

She has since returned part-time to her family care practice with renewed enthusiasm and passion, has a stronger team of physicians and staff, has expanded the services and offerings of the clinic and continues to travel, speak and share her inspiring story of courage, health and of self-care to women globally.

She has faced some big fears and come out stronger, happy and healthier in the process and continues to be a nurturing mother to her 3 grown kids, her husband and her community.

She has launched the Satya Medical Center for Integrative medicine and will start working on her second book most likely this Fall.

I have been fortunate to also work with Tanya’s husband and children over the years and feel like a surrogate family member which is very dear to my heart.

To learn more about Tanya’s work click here.

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