I just recorded a short training video to help you lead powerfully in 2017.

A little birdie told me that your next business dream likely involves amplifying your voice, being a stand and stepping into a new level of leadership, right?

In the training, I share insights from my upcoming book and from my conversations with visionary women just like you to help you lead and contribute with soul this year.

Watch the training video below. (It’s 14 minutes long)

In the video you will discover:

  1. What kind of a leader you desire to be
  2. The difference between Soul Leadership™ vs. traditional leadership
  3. What you stand for and your willingness to take responsibility for what you believe
  4. How understanding your soul’s unique path and your leadership Archetypes including your strengths, weaknesses and unraveling your Soul Leadership Vision for 2017 will help you lead powerfully.
  5. An invitation to get clear on your soul leadership vision for 2017.

I promise that the video is worth your time if you are serious about amplifying your voice this year.  

Grab a pen and paper so you can write down your answers to the questions I pose to you throughout the training.