The summer of 2019 has been full.

In addition to adopting our two rescue kittens, Annabelle and Bodhi, we got to host friends at our home, we traveled to Wales for Alex’s aunt’s 95th birthday, I facilitated my Soulful CEO group program and I got to help my mother in NYC who went back to graduate school to get a Master’s degree in law.

It was also rich with unexpected twists and turns.

In July, shortly after having routine laparoscopic surgery on my abdomen, I found myself unable to walk.

What ensued was two months of a lot of pain, an inability to walk and eventually a trip to the hospital where I found out that I had a blood clot along my entire right leg and a part of which had moved and lodged itself in my lung (aka a pulmonary embolism or PE).

A blood clot, also known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can be deadly, especially if a piece of the clot breaks off from the leg and moves into the heart or lung.

To say that I had many angels guiding me to stay alive is not an understatement.

While in hindsight given the timing of my symptoms, it makes sense that I could develop a blood clot, my surgeon didn’t warn me of the possibility of having a blood clot so I never connected the dots and made several mistakes that could have been costly.

At first when my foot pain began, I went to a podiatrist since I couldn’t put my foot on the ground without excruciating pain. Even though my foot was rather purple, I thought I had a muscle tear or plantar fasciitis and the podiatrist just told me to wear a boot to buffer the pain when I walked without any further diagnosis.

Fast forward, a week later I went to NYC to visit my mother and spent three weeks there wearing the boot. In hindsight, that amount of pressure on my leg probably wasn’t great.

Before returning to San Diego, I thankfully met my aunt who happens to be a doctor and she wisely encouraged me to see an orthopedist when I returned a few days later to San Diego to make sure I didn’t have a blood clot since my pain had moved to my leg and I was experiencing a lot of stiffness.

I met with an orthopedist which led to a quick trip to the hospital for a leg ultrasound, then immediately to the ER where a lung Cat scan confirmed I had a clot in my lung.

I stayed in the hospital overnight for observation and was immediately put on blood thinners to prevent further clots from forming and to help to dissolve the ones I already had.

While you may not have any surgeries in your future, blood clots can be caused by a variety of factors that I want to share here with you in case it just might save a life.

Here are some of symptoms of an arm or leg blood clot (deep vein thrombosis, DVT):

  • Pain in the leg and stiffness that keep getting worse (my pain went beyond my foot and my right calf got really stiff, then by my knee cap side hurt, then the pain moved to my hamstring).
  • Swelling. This can happen in the exact spot the blood clot forms or your entire leg/arm can puff up
  • Lower leg cramp, it can feel also like a charley horse
  • Trouble breathing
  • Change in color
  • Heat in the area affected
  • Redness of the skin, tenderness

You can read more about the symptoms and risk factors for a blood clot here.

Deep vein thrombosis/blood clots are often formed by a change or slowing in the flow of blood.

Sitting down on long flights, hormone therapy, birth control, certain medications, pregnancy, cancer treatments, smoking, being over 55, being overweight, a family history of blood clots, long bed rest or hospitalization and surgery are some factors that can cause blood clots.

You can also have a genetic predisposition to blood clots and there is a simple blood test, that I had done, that can determine if you have a higher risk for them. I have do have a family history and a predisposition for them.

While I stayed quite calm despite the serious health pickle I was in, I do recall a specific moment of insight.

I was washing my face in the hospital bathroom mirror and I had a heart-to-heart with myself.

Ok, God: if this is it, I understand and then I proceeded to ask myself the question:

“Did I live a full life?” and “Do I have any regrets?”

I had certainly checked many important boxes: husband, nourishing home life, beautiful friends, and a meaningful career, to name a few.

The answer that came forward was:

“ You still haven’t made the contribution you are here to make.”

I took pause to reflect on this insight.I would have been content with what I had achieved and yet, imagining what more I could have done made me a bit sad.

Today I looked up the spiritual meaning that Louise Hay assigned to blood clots:It said:

“The strangling of joy.” Cue the tears.

I am a happy person and yet there have been places where I haven’t fully embraced joy and places where there is some sadness to be released.

Coincidentally this summer, I had another heart-to-heart with my own business and how I truly want to run it.I also came across a few mentors teaching the models I want to pursue and always thought were possible but hadn’t seen being taught and modeled by others.

So now that I start getting back on my feet (literally), I am excited to step out onto my own edges and explore what my life-giving and JOYFUL contribution can really look and feel like moving forward (stay tuned!).

I know it’s cliché, but I ask you today, is how you are doing business bringing you JOY and ENERGIZING YOU?

  • Is your business model truly supportive of the WAY you want to do business (without compromises, wishing or hoping)?
  • Do you feel excited and clear about your vision for your lifestyle, income and contribution? Do you have a pathway to get you there?
  • Do you feel supported by your work financially and emotionally?

Or perhaps, do you find yourself at a PIVOT point where the skin of the old you has shed, the new you is emerging and you are finding your footing in who you are BEING next and you could use some help not falling back into old ways?

A phrase my colleague Andrea Leda says so beautifully keeps repeating in my mind:

“ You are worthy of being brave with your life.” And you are worthy of being brave with your life too.

As I step out into my edges, I invite you to do the same.

If you’ve been feeling the nudge to pursue a dream, please give yourself the permission to move in that direction if it’s time.

Who is it for:

The spiritual, mission-focused woman entrepreneur who finds herself in one of these two categories:

1) Has an established foundation and is in an exciting growth phase in her business and finds herself butting up against her old self as she emerges into the new leader she is becoming; OR

2) At capacity work-wise, possibly on the verge of burnout and needs to expand beyond her current business model so she can help more people without losing her sanity, well-being or joy in the process.

Click here to check out the Edge Experience details. Email me if you are interested in attending or apply on the sales page.

I’m curating a phenomenal group of 5 women for this 2 month experience and I want to make sure it truly serves you for where you are right now in your business.

To your sweet success,


Here’s where we will be co-creating magic (hot tub + ocean views and all).


P.S.: Know an incredible woman entrepreneur in a growth phase in her business that would love to join us? Share this post with her and connect us🙂

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