On a moonlit night on Moonlight beach here in San Diego, where we first kissed, Alex got down on one knee and asked me to marry him on Valentine’s day.

While we had been talking about getting married for a while, I had no idea that it would happen now.

It was definitely a big surprise and I am still taking it all in.


We skyped my mother this morning to tell her the good news and tomorrow we’ll be calling my dad to tell him!

I took a moment to reflect on the journey to get to this moment and then I started to chuckle.

My word for 2017 was LOVE; specifically self-love.

And I got engaged on Valentine’s day: the day we collectively celebrate love.

Looking more deeply, I began to contemplate the part that courage has to play in love.

And how choosing to be love, to invite love in and to stay in a loving energy is such a powerfully courageous choice.

And then I went a step further.

I realized that choosing courage is ultimately an act of KINDNESS.

First towards ourselves because we are choosing to act on something that matters to us.

And secondly, because when we are courageous we are being kind to the world as well.

Courage is contribution through kindness via @sweetpathgirl.

Choosing to go on a date and to believe in love is an act of self-love and of kindness.

Speaking up for yourself is an act of kindness.

Going after your dreams is a kind and loving act towards yourself and ultimately the world which will benefit from your courage.

Looking at courage in this way makes it feel more intimate and soulful.

Every act of love is an act of courage and kindness.

For example:

Moving to San Diego 2 years ago to follow my dream was a courageous leap of faith.

Making a list of my dream man’s qualities and calling him in on my birthday 2 years ago was a courageous invitation to believe in love – once again.

Choosing to stay in love and allowance when it felt so much easier to judge and criticize was an act of courageous kindness.

And saying YES was an act of courage too and in the best possible way.

And our businesses and leadership are all about LOVE.

It’s a courageous act to give of ourselves openly, vulnerably and generously to the world.

So, on Tuesday night I said yes.

FB Engagement Post with pic

In spite of fears.

Alex is a lot older than I.

I’m afraid of looking bad or disappointing myself and “others”.

I’m afraid of losing my independence.

And yet, I choose love and to trust that it will guide me as I move forward in my life.

I choose to love a man that truly adores me and will go to the ends of the Earth to make me happy.

And while I’m still taking all of this in, I’m learning to navigate my fears with kindness and to be IN the question of possibility.

What else is possible?

You can create your dream life and dream business and it likely won’t altogether look like what you imagined and what if it is even better?

We have no wedding plans for now except that we are taking our time and we are definitely going ring shopping pronto!!!

Thank you to all of you for your amazing well wishes.

We feel so loved and grateful to all of you.