We are in the second quarter of 2018 and it feels like the year is flying by. I can’t believe I’m about 2 months away from my wedding.

Earlier in the year, I stopped and took a hard look at what my true priorities were for 2018.

With a wedding to plan, limited time and energy and many tasks that I “wanted to do”, that seemed “great to do” and that I felt I “ought to do”, I needed to get clear or risk accomplishing nothing or feeling miserable.

So I stopped and asked myself the question: “What is a TRUE PRIORITY for me?”

This grounded, conscious clarity changed everything.

It came down to these 3 priorities in this order:

  1. My joy and vitality
  2. My wedding
  3. My business

Can you feel the spaciousness in this?

And did you notice that my business was #3?

The truth is that the top two priorities actually helped to inform my business.
If I had forced myself to put my business first, it would have left little energy for the other two

So, I want you to have this same level of clarity and to invite you into a magical 2 hour virtual experience with me to help you get SUPER CLEAR on your soul’s vision and your true priorities for 2018 (hip, hip, hooray!).

Soul Visioning Workshop 2018:
Design your Most Magical Year yet with Joy, Magic and Ease.
Wednesday, May 23rd @ 9am – 11am PACIFIC

If you’re anything like me, setting goals, or pushing through has never worked sustainably. I am moved and inspired by emotion more than logic (even though my brain loves to overanalyze!).

This workshop is about allowing what inspires and moves you to lead the way.

What would it be like to create – not from your head, or what you think you “should” do to meet your goals – but rather to create from your Divine essence – i.e. your soul?

The truth is that your SOUL has the answers to everything you are asking for in this moment.

The secret is to drop everything, to get still and to listen. You can create sustainable, joyful magic from the inside out. This is soul leadership at it’s core.

Here is a sampling of what we will explore in this hands-on workshop:

1. DESIRE: Creation + Core Desired Feelings

– What is your soul asking to express or create through you? How do you want to FEEL this year in the core areas of your life?
– What do you really desire but perhaps have been caught in the “how” to actualize it?
– How to clarify your desires when you feel like you don’t know what they are or you are feeling stuck in a stop-and-go cycle?

Note: this is about choosing your joy and what lights you up (no more shoulds, musts and have-to’s and trying to fit in when you’re meant to stand out!).

2. PRIORITIES: What matters most to you?

– In a world that pulls us in so many directions, how to become centered and to acknowledge what TRULY MATTERS to you for 2018.
– What will make this year magical, worthwhile, a banner year?

Note: this is about quieting the outside noise and the pulls on your focus so you set your North Star as your compass to stay on course, even when your life and setbacks may veer you off track for a while.

3. Leadership Mastery: Who are you being?

– Who are you being in your life, business and relationships?
– What edges are you being invited to explore, master and amplify?
– What energy and profit leaks can be easily addressed so you create more with less effort while still having the life and impact you desire?

Note: This is about you having the tools to manage your energy so it’s magnetic to what you desire and allows you to be the authority, leader and confident person you truly are.

What would it be like to create in such a way where you feel joy, spacious, alive and abundant? Where YOU feel in CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE’s DIRECTION + PURPOSE?

This workshop is about giving you the tools so that you can chart your course and to course correct and shift as needed and to trust yourself to do that regardless of what is pulling or shouting at you for attention.

This is about you being the captain of your ship – always.

You CAN lead from your soul’s Truth and your priorities rather than your head or other people’s agendas. 🙂

What you receive:

  1. 2 hour virtual session on zoom to workshop these core questions live with me and have an INSPIRED action plan moving forward
  2. A playbook to guide you through the core questions so you have a clear road map for 2018
  3. A 1 page Energetic Roadmap for your Soulful Life and Business that includes your values, priorities, targets, core desired feelings, secret wishes and others goodies that you can see daily to anchor your focus
  4. A channeled group message in the Akashic Records to illuminate any blinds pots, clarify your focus and to celebrate your success.

So, when you are lying down at night, dreaming of the year head: the big dreams, the little ones, the fantasies, what if you could be really clear on:

• What are YOUR priorities for 2018?
• What you desire to birth this year?
• Who you want to be in your business, relationships and life?

What if you can feel open, alive, spacious, abundant and in the FLOW?

And what if you silenced all of the outside chatter, the overwhelm from social media, the self-doubt from having too many options or listening to too many “gurus” and you start listening to YOU?

What are you truly ready to SHIFT, RELEASE OR to AMPLIFY in 2018?

What if this is the year you went for “it”, whatever that is? What if you stopped one pattern that no longer serves and you create space for tons of magic? What if you stop doubting, hesitating and waiting and get grounded in your Truth and what you really want to be a stand for in your personal and professional lives?

I’ve seen with myself and my clients that when we shift, the world around us shifts. If we want a different reality, we must be the change. The world then responds to us.

*** This workshop isn’t about adding more to your plate.***

It’s about cleaning your plate, simplifying your life with what REALLY MATTERS so you are left with YOU, YOUR MAGIC, YOUR DESIRES front and center.

And… SPACE… Ahhhh!

Is this the time that you get still, go deeper and make the space to listen – to your soul’s guidance and wisdom?

What if the new paradigm and way of doing your life is ready to show up for you and you just need to create space to receive it?

What would it take for you to experience what truly lights up your soul, your bank account, your body and your relationships?

The investment for the workshop is $97.

To sign up for the Soul Visioning workshop, CLICK HERE.

{Note: Your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cannot make the workshop live, you will receive the recording and supporting materials}.

Truth: Is this the space you’ve been asking for you to be all of your magic and to have more EASE in every area of your life?

I hope you’ll join us if it’s a yes!

To your sweet success,


P.S.: If you’ve taken this workshop in the past, it’s been revamped and you are also a different person. So ask, if you choose this workshop, what will your life and business be like in 5 years? If it’s expansive, join us.

P.P.S: Got questions about this workshop and whether it’s a fit for you now? Hit REPLY and I’ll respond to you personally.

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