These days you’ll find me contemplating what flower or herb to plant in our garden, scrolling endless hours for home organizational ideas and gazing into the trees while joyfully swinging in our new hammock in the backyard.

This summer is calling for a spacious reset of body and spirit. Getting COVID a few days before my birthday only reaffirmed this.

As a Generator in Human Design, as someone highly addicted to creating, and a lover of her work, claiming rest feels like an initiation.

It’s edgy as hell.

And I’m not alone.

I’m hearing many doing the same; taking the space and time to deal with pent up emotions, to give focus to their physical and emotional well-being, to organize what has felt cluttered and unresolved and when timely, to take leaps and to say yes to desires neglected for too long.

Admittedly, unhooking from productivity as a measure of self-worth and of a life well-lived is an on-going process that invites us to embrace the Divinity of each moment with the practicality of day-to-day life.

Expressing ourselves in our business requires giving room for all of ourselves to be expressed IN our lives.

This is because life and business are not mutually exclusive – no matter how much we try to compartmentalize them. And why should we since our lives are so important to informing how we lead and we run our businesses?

So this summer, what is calling for your attention and your love?

What season are you in? Even if it’s uncomfortable are you willing to be fully IN that season and to see it as fertile ground for your growth?

As we emerge more deeply into our leadership and wholeness, congruence and integration are important ingredients.

Inquiries like:

  • Where can we create coherence between the parts of ourselves that feel at odds with one another?
  • Where can we create deeper coherence with the world?
  • Where are we invited to merge more with our Divinity and the sacredness of life and to see it through the eyes of the Divine?

As much a I love talking business strategy, at its core, my work is about helping you live from the highest version of yourself and that means building a healthy foundation from which to live, love and to lead.

And this means looking ever more deeply at:

  • who you are
  • where you are
  • what is calling for your attention, healing and care.

=> With so many of us overstretched, overworked and over capacity, I invite you this summer to really ask yourself what will give you MORE CAPACITY and more of YOU back?

This isn’t so you can produce more, but so you can BE more fully alive and free.

For me this looks like servicing a select number of clients this summer and not working on any projects (big for me).

Being in the inquiry is fertile ground for new possibilities and new space to open up for you to be more of you without disregarding the parts that matter the most to your joy and fulfillment.


I have space this summer for three new 1:1 clients and for two monthly 90 minute Intensive Sessions. If you’re looking to have more of YOU show up in your marketing, content and how you lead, I’d love to support you.

I work with established, service-based and purpose-driven women entrepreneurs who are seeking to create deeper spiritual alignment in both their work, business and right livelihood. And to do so without sacrificing their time, well-being and what matters most to them.

My 1:1 options range from a 90 minute Business Intensive to a 6-month Mentorship Program. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide:

1) A mega-boost of clarity => Book a 90 minute Akashic Intensive here.

2) Making changes to your business model or envisioning what’s next =>

Consider my 8-week or 6 month Mentorship Programs

=> Not sure how I can best support you? Let’s chat and see what suits you best.

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