This Sunday I celebrated my 45th birthday while attending a World Peace meditation retreat with my husband and our “adopted family” at the Buddhist Center near our house.

I couldn’t think of spending the day in better company and amidst such good vibes to ring in my next year around the sun. Plus, the chocolate mousse cake was a total hit!

Here are a few fun photos from my special day.


As I contemplated the year gone by it was the micro choices, the under the surface changes that I am most proud of and that coincidentally have made the greatest difference:

  • Starting a meditation practice
  • Cultivating a joyful and loving home life
  • Staying in my own lane, i.e. moving at my own pace
  • Sourcing my answers from within.

Unexpectedly, none of these are business related… and yet they certainly impact HOW I do business.

Slowing down, as non-negotiable as it was after four incredibly FULL years filled with life transitions (we hit all 5 of the top most stressful life changes multiple times within that timeframe!), hasn’t always been a piece of cake (pun intended!).

Breaking down years of conditioning to strive, push and achieve has been a humbling practice.

I experienced 44 and entered into year 45 with way more questions than I have answers for.

The unfamiliar spaciousness of a quieter pace of life has definitely amplified the fears and voices of my monkey mind, feeling deafening at times and also welcomed.

I have certainly explored my destination addiction (TEDx talk) and the deeper fears driving that behavior: and they come down to control.

Brene Brown said that the most vulnerable emotion is JOY and I get it.

When life is so good, it’s hard not to veer into the abyss of all the pain that can happen when that joy is no longer there.

And so cultivating compassion has definitely been a part of my practice.

On the leading edge for me this year are exploring what wholeness and fulfillment look like and practicing presence as a kinder and more enriching way of living.

How do we truly stay present and in so doing reframe how we perceive time?

The channeled message from this New Year has some valuable insights on that.

Here’s the article as a refresher.

In the interim, I continue to surrender to my body and soul’s call to a gentler and fulfilling pace of life which includes working with clients I love, quilting (again since high school), hosting intimate monthly teas at home, spending quality time with dear friends, resuming therapy, pet sitting, lots of spaciousness, hot yoga and special time with my husband.

I’ve also, after a long hiatus, re-engaged with my Soul Leadership Archetypes work and I’m putting together a 6-week virtual leadership development program to help entrepreneurs lead from their archetypal strengths and to close core energetic leaks in how they show up and lead in life and business.

It’s been pretty cool taking myself through the program and seeing how it can help you to be a more potent, authentic leader. Stay tuned for the launch in the Fall J

In short, the last 4 years have had many beautiful and intense transitions. Honouring this current cycle of replenishment, rebirth and repositioning is a moment to moment practice. And some days are better, wiser and kinder than others.

It’s full wheel living for sure.

Small shifts.

Daily prompts.

Frequent reminders to stay here now.

And because it’s my birthday I want to spread the love and support YOU in living your best life on your own terms.


Priscilla Stephan's Birthday Special 2019

Intuitive business booster reading in the Akashic Records + 30-minute follow-up coaching session: $250

Who is this for:

  • You are a spiritual entrepreneur who wants guidance on your life and business direction
  • You have a few ideas of where to focus your resources and would like confirmation that you are going in the right direction
  • You’ve hit a snag and are wondering “what’s happening and what’s aligned next?”
  • This offer calls to you and you listen to your intuition.

Examples of what we can work on: Program offers, pricing and business direction that light you up. Perhaps you want to write a book and want guidance on that. We will look at whatever is present for you and address all your questions within the 1-hour timeframe we have.

Clients often say that the clarity that you receive during a reading on your direction, confirmation of your path, uncovering of blindspots and new opportunities are frankly priceless.

Please make note:

  • Session must be purchased by June 15th and redeemed by JULY 15.
  • One session per person.
  • All sessions are recorded.
  • Not transferrable and non-refundable.
  • BONUS: Receive my 3-part meditation bundle to activate the frequencies of worthiness, abundance and magic (A $47 value free when you purchase your session this month).

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Soulful CEO: Business Alchemy Circle
90 days to create your next magical business project with ease

July 1– October 4th, 2019
4 women ( 2 spots left)

How much joy are you willing to have as you create your next level?

Perfect for the entrepreneur who values the benefits of 1:1 biz strategy in the Akashic Records PLUS group masterminding and accountability. I love these intimate circles! So much magic happens.

What will we co-create together?

Plus plenty of spacious bonuses including monthly virtual get-it-done sessions, weekly accountability check-ins and more.

Investment $650/month for 3 months

Pay in full bonus: a 30 minute intuitive business reading

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Is this the spacious container you’ve been asking for?

I cannot wait to support you.


P.S.: Are you interested in exploring how I may be able to support you in growing your business with ease but unsure what’s the best option? Email me and we will schedule a time to talk and explore what’s possible.

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