What does it really take to let your soul lead your life?

As in, trusting it to take the wheel and to have your back?

My experience has shown me that it requires patience, Divine unfolding and having the energetic capacity to step into this way of BEing.

Just because we desire to do something or feel ready, doesn’t mean we really are.

Ability and capacity are two very different things.

I have my dear friend Alexis to thank for this distinction.

It’s infuriating when you know you are capable of doing all the things but you keep coming up against internal barriers and ceilings that hold you back from having them, right?

But when you look at things from an energetic capacity lens, you can stop beating yourself up so much.

From here, we can ask with an open heart and curious spirit:

1. What shifts are we currently available for?

2. What’s present for us to address and to release?

Sometimes, we have to pull a few more threads, do a bit more healing, take a bit more time and space to be ready and willing; aka for it to feel safe(r) for us to merge with our souls and to allow our Divinity to light the path ahead.

This can look like….

There are old narratives and trauma, sometimes lineages long that need to be acknowledged (this was my case).

A new sense of identity and (self-)trust needs to emerge and to be allowed in and to be welcomed to the table.

A renewed willingness to let go and to embrace something greater than you’ve envisioned needs to be embraced.

Old betrayals need to be unraveled, reframed and healed before it is safe to move forward.

Your own unique path to healing your relationship to your soul and to allowing it to take the wheel is unfolding perfectly. I invite you to trust it.

As soul-driven leaders we are being called to lean more deeply into our Soul’s guidance. We are being invited to give our Soul more space at the table.

And in so doing, we release the tight grip of attachment to what we imagined, to what is comfortable and we allow ourselves to wholeheartedly, gently and boldly to fuse with the vision our Souls have for our co-creation process.

Three Soul Support Resources for you

If you’re feeling the call to give your Soul more space in your life and to let it fuse with you in magnificent ways, I have three resources for you:

1) My 90 minute Akashic Business Intensive. We will identify the next steps for your soul and business alignment. It will get the momentum going.

If you are working on greater business shifts or are feeling called to deeper spiritual development, email me and let’s schedule a time to speak privately and to see which of my offers may be a better fit for you.

2) Akashic Healing Bundle is being really well received. You can still get your bundle with three meditations for $33.

Support is available when we need it. I’ve personally benefited deeply from some potent healing sessions the last few weeks. Reach out for help.

You don’t go it alone if you’ve hit a wall.


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