Last weekend I met Isabelle Mercier at a women’s business conference. I loved her passion and had a chance to speak to her after she gave her presentation.

Her talk topic really landed with me and with the 2 million + viewers who have watched her TEDx Talk: The Power of Zero Tolerance.

You can watch her 20 minute TEDx Talk here:

Isabelle Mercier: The Power of Zero Tolerance

The sentence that got to me was this one:

“What you tolerate, you worry about.”

It got me to thinking about all the small and big things I continue to tolerate in my life.

From the light switch that’s been broken in our dining room for a few weeks, to a lack of community where I live, to systems, procrastinations, etc.

What are you tolerating in your life that no longer serves you?

Take a moment now and think of 1 thing or dynamic you have been tolerating in your life that if you got it handled, would create so much more space for you.

Now write it down, give yourself a deadline (preferably within the next 48 hours, or at the most 1 week), and get it handled.

Whatever you are tolerating in your life, business and/or relationships is a huge energetic leak.

Let’s do some spring cleaning Marie Kondo style so your life and biz spark more JOY!

I created a free business and life assessment to help you!

I invite you to make yourself a nice cup of tea/coffee, set aside 20-30 minutes with your favourite journal and go through the document.

Click here to download your free biz and life assessmentSpring Cleaning 2019 assessmentthat will spark more joy.

How can I help?

Did your assessment spark a desire for support in sparking more joy in your business?

I have space for up to 3 1:1 private clients right now.

If you have been looking for specific help to create a business that makes consistent revenue and that allows you to be yourself, do marketing with more ease and with a deep sense of purpose, meaning and joy, I’d love to talk to you to see if we are a good fit.

Click here or email me at and I will send you a link to my online calendar.

To your sweet success,


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