I woke up excited today to share some inspiring new soul guidance to support you in creating your magical life especially during this holy time of year.

I opened up the Akashic Records of my Sweet Path Wellness email newsletter list and asked the questions below.

Scroll down for the answers.

I hope the information shared by your guides resonates with your heart and supports you in living a life of joy, abundance and possibility.

Upon opening the Records of the group of my email list I asked the following:

“What does this group (my email newsletter list) need to know right now?”

Stop. Heed. Resist.

Resist that temptation to have all the answers.

Resist the temptation to stop the flow.

Resist the temptation to have to figure it all.

Rather, PA– USE.

Shift your energy.

Reclaim your power and your focus.

Ask for guidance and release the enemy of darkness, limited possibility and fear.

You must seek out the light in order to BE the LIGHT for another.

Your light is so bright.

Redemption, forgiveness are yours for the taking.

You do not need to punish yourself any longer for past choices and pains.

Forgive yourself.

Allow yourself to be reborn again and again and again.

Allow yourself to be healed.

Lighten the load.

Start fresh.

Allow sacred light, joy and magic into your life again.

Wash away the doubt, the fears and the hunger to figure it all out and to hoard time.

Time is an illusion.

You define your timeline and what time is to you.

Bend time.

Honour time.

And fuck time.

You define your own reality, your own pace.

YOU and nobody else but YOU.

Stay fierce to your own intuitive guidance and let that guide you to your next steps.

Remember always that no one knows better than you.

You have everything you need to flourish, to succeed, to be victorious and to claim your dreams and desires to the fullest.

What is the common block for this group and how do they heal it?


Sweet child, you would not have the dreams and desires within you if you did not have the FULL POTENTIAL TO ACTUALIZE THEM RIGHT NOW.

That’s all that you need.

To trust yourself and your next step.

Break things down into joyful, aligned, inspired steps.

Manage your thoughts and your energy so you stay in a FREQUENCY OF POSSIBILITY AND EXCITEMENT.

Lean into what is true for you.

Lean into the magic you get to offer to others.

Lean in, a little bit more, into your dreams and their ACTUALIZATION.

You must believe more in your dreams than in your fears.

Let no one or thing stop you.

Again, your dreams, those deeply seeded, fired up stirrings in your soul are so WORTHY OF YOUR COMPLETION AND ACTUALIZATION.


Stop holding yourself back.

Stop the stop and go.

Stop blaming yourself.

Stop trying to do everything on your own; i.e. “figuring it all out.”

Stop trying to bite off too much at one time.

Slow and steady wins the race.

If you are ready to leap, leap.

If you are ready for the next bite sized piece go there.

Believe in yourself and in what you have to offer WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

Release the past. It is valuable information and do not let it hold you hostage from the brilliant future that awaits you.

You’ve got this.

Trust in the light.

Step into the light.

Believe in the light and where it is taking you – always.

When you aren’t well, ask yourself, whose voice have you been listening to? Your soul’s or the voice of fear?

What else does this group need to know right now?

You are incredibly brilliant and so important to the evolution of this planet’s consciousness.

You are such an incredible blessing to the world and to all those around you.

You may never fully realize the impact you have on others by just being.

Stop thinking that you have to do or work so much to make an impact on the world.

Stop thinking it’s not possible.

Stop believing in your limitations.

Rather, start believing in all that you do have to offer and the possibilities that await you.

Write down all your TOLERATIONS and then work through them systematically.

Ask and pray for guidance and KNOW THAT your prayers are being answered.

Ask to know when something is for you and be WILLING TO LEAP.

You must take (inspired) action.

That completes the cycle of actualization.

Trust the energy and the lightness and your impulses.

Keep asking for guidance and acting upon it.

Trust your natural rhythms and the momentum that they bring.

Enjoy your cycle of creation and YOUR IDEAS.

The wilder, the crazier the juicier the better!

What final message do you wish to share with this group?



Have fun.

Lighten up.

Be reborn again and again if need be.

This is a season of renewal, renewed faith, new beginnings and new possibilities.

Are you willing to believe in yourself as we always do?

You are magic.

Now go live your magical life that awaits you.

Your future is so more bright than you can imagine.

Look ahead ONLY.

The past is only information, not at all what your future looks like.

Look ahead and relish in what’s to come.

You’ve got this.

We so love you.

And so it is.

{Records closed}


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