I woke up excited today to share some inspiring new soul guidance to support you in creating your magical life this year.
I opened up the Akashic Records of my Sweet Path Wellness email newsletter list and asked the questions below.

Scroll down for the answers.

I hope the information shared by your guides resonates with your heart and supports you in living a life of joy, abundance and possibility.

Upon opening the Records of the group of my email list I asked the following:

NOTE: If you prefer an audio version of the channeled message, you can download it: CLICK HERE.

“What does this group (my email newsletter list) need to know right now?”

It’s time to stop and to listen to your soul.
Overwhelm, too many options, anxiety, they are a sign that you are resisting the Truth that’s within your heart and soul.

It’s time to tell the truth and the real Truth.
What are you truly desiring?
What truly lights you up?
And where are you still tolerating, micro-managing your life that reflect sold patterns of fear, conditioning and worry?

What is the frequency and vibration that you desire to be your NEW NORMAL?

Everything is ENERGY.

Life is made up of energy, not logic.

Energy trumps logic every time.

What if you deferred some of the energy being devoted to worry, fear and doubt, to raising your frequency, staying in an energy of joy, loving on yourself, practicing self-care and a Trust and Alliance with the Universe/God so you pop out of the bubble and cycle of creation you are currently in still causing you pain.

You can see the promised land.

You know in many ways what needs to change.

And yet the fear persists.

The pesky remnants of self-doubt, lack of trust, “who am I do this?”, “will this REALLY work out if I go all in?” are still creeping in.

That’s alright.
It’s a gift to show you where some lightness, some love and TLC are in order.

Don’t judge or beat yourself up.

Simply pay attention.
Stay aware.
Don’t go radio silent on yourself.

Just be an active observer without judgment.
Stay curious.
Keep doing you and listening and paying attention to what you really love, what isn’t working for you anymore and what you really want.

Do NOT get tripped up on the “how’s” right now. That’s an old pattern and a way to get yourself out of the frequency of possibility.

Your #1 job is to be brutally honest with yourself AND to STAY IN THE FREQUENCY OF POSSIBILITY.

So, what keeps you in a frequency of joy and possibility?

Any activities, thoughts, feelings, ways of being that do not support that, are you willing to release them and to create space for the new you to emerge even more?

Stop making life harder than it needs to be.

We know you cannot see all of the “how-to’s” yet. That’s NOT your job.

Your job is to be the energetic beacon for your desires to actualize.

Stay focused on the energy and the feelings you desire to experience and start giving them to yourself NOW. Not after you’ve made X money, or after you’ve found your life partner or after … fill in the blank.

Everything is available to you in this MOMENT.

This moment, and then this moment, and then this moment is ALL there is.

Stop future pacing and return to the PRESENT MOMENT. It is your greatest gift, get it (pun intended, chuckling!).?

What is the common block for this group and how do they heal it?


Resistance to the future, resistance to your own inner power, to stillness, to trusting yourself and the dreams you have.

Stop letting fear of disappointment and of the future recreating itself hinder you from evolving.

You must evolve.

It’s what’s in store for your future because there is SO much more for you to experience, allow, receive, contribute, manage and overcome.

Allow yourself to receive it all.

It’s all available to you now – as in RIGHT NOW.

Yes, THIS.

What will it take for you to be in allowance of everything and to judge nothing?

What would it be like to be in full unison, in harmony and deep trust of the Universe and yourself to receive everything you’ve asked for – and more?

What would it take?

Is it simply a choice?

To choose you.
To choose your desires.
To trust in the Divine flow and evolution.

You already know the obvious, right? That what you resist persists?

So what if you lower your walls of resistance and you ALLOW it all to come, to flow, to magically show up just because you’ve asked for it and you desire it.

What if it were THAT easy and you go sip a pina colada and chill out a bit?

What else does this group need to know right now?

You have your timeline (partly based on fear).

What does your body really want right now?
What is your soul asking of you right now?
What is your business asking of you right now?

Are you willing to trust the infinite guidance or do you feel the need to push harder, to logic your way to the next strategy and result?

Two paths.
Two different experiences.

And it’s ok. We know you are trying and making progress.
We just ask that you cut yourself some slack and stop beating up on yourself.

You’ve got this.
You’ve always HAD THIS.

And there is nothing to have. Only life to choose and to receive.

What final message do you wish to share with this group?

Live in abundant joy and gratitude.

Abundance, love and peace are all states of mind – which means you can gift them to yourself every day by appreciating what’s already here, being fully present with yourself and others, and by being willing to co-create with the Universe and to allow the Divine messages, nudges, connections and possibilities to come to you by receiving and staying open.

The rest will take care of itself and we’ve got your back.

Take time to connect with us – your guides – through prayer, Angel cards, meditation, being out in nature, yoga, movement, journaling.

Stillness is your greatest friend and strongest ally.

Stay still.

Create magic.

Let’s explore and co-create the possibilities together.

{Records closed}


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