I woke up excited today to share some inspiring new soul guidance to support you in creating your magical life.

I opened up the Akashic Records of my Sweet Path Wellness email newsletter list and asked the questions below.

Scroll down for the answers.

I hope the information shared by your guides resonates with your heart and supports you in living a life of joy, abundance and possibility.

Upon opening the Records of the group of my email list I asked the following:

NOTE: If you prefer an audio version of the channeled message, you can download it: CLICK HERE.

“What does this group (my email newsletter list) need to know right now?”


It’s an illusion.
It’s the next step for your soul mastery.

Understand that while you tally every second of time on Earth, and it has a time and a place, it is still a construct.

Your ego loves to hate it.
Your relationship to time has got to change.

The need to push, manipulate, control, order, demand time.

Yes, you can bend time.
And there is a time for that. Time is a perception and an energy.

However, it’s your “need” to have time work on your “timeline” (pun intended) is where the joke is on you dear one.

Life has defined seasons, rhythms and pockets of lessons that are here to support you in your life’s journey.

This doesn’t mean sit around and do nothing (although there will be times for that).

This does mean, create an empowered relationship to time where you are not its slave, its beacon or its victim.

Rather time is a secondary consequence of your relationship to your inner Self and to your Truth and your inner knowing.

The more that you get grounded in yourself and in your Truth; the more you are willing to ask for what you desire and to TRUST ITS TIMING, as you take inspired action, the more FREEDOM, JOY AND TIME (another pun!) you will experience.

Just as with money, the more you obsess about it (how much you have or don’t have), the less you will feel you have and the less joy you will experience.

Time like money is a construct used to define time, space and energy in a man-made way.

Like with money, time is energy and a matter of perception. The powerful being is YOU.

You can bend time.
You can slow down time and speed it up,
Not because you are afraid, but rather because you are grounded in yourself, in your knowing and you trust your path.

Time as well as money can show you where you are still afraid of (fill in the blank) and are therefore concerned that you must manipulate both at a particular timeline in order to achieve an “X” result.

But we ask you: “Says who?”
What timeline is this really?

Who is to say you cannot make all your riches way before you retire and screw traditional, linear ways of making money?

Who is to say that you won’t feel younger as your age passes than when you were numerically younger in age?

What lies have you bought about time and money that are wrecking your joy, your fulfillment and your magic?

Child, stop this B.S. right now.

If you took away the need to know multiple steps ahead, if you released the need to control everything, and if you KNEW, as in KNEW in YOUR BONES that you are fine, that everything will be ok, would you take a breath?

We know – we are being extra sassy today.

And it’s needed.

Your suffering is coming from your perception of time: how much you have, how much you don’t have and how to make more of it.

Yes, it’s true that time isn’t something we can get back and rewind and yet, isn’t it a wonderfully delightful reminder to make the most of each day you have?

Quality over quantity children!

So – this brings us to the topic of JOY.

How much joy are you really having right now? In life, business and relationship?

Where are eagerly pushing the fast forward button, thinking you know the outcomes or the steps to get to where you think is best for you to go?

Release the reins.
Let go of the timeline.
Undo the chains of consequences.
Remove the mask of illusions and knowing the linear steps to get wherever you think is best for you to go.

Rather STOP.

Stay present.

You are being reminded to stay in the moment. Not always easy when your mind resists.
But your will and your spirit are strong.
Let them lead your way.

You are strong.
You are all powerful.
You are all knowing.

Are you willing to trust what you know?

Are you willing to stay uncomfortable as you wait?

Waiting periods are as fertile as times of action. It’s all in your perception – just as your perceptions of time.

Time as money are instruments of contrast to show you where your true priorities lie and where you are still buying into the lies of the masses and your ego.

What block does this group have and how do they heal it?

Your perception of time.

Your fear of what not having enough time will create: no impact, not enough money, not finding your love partner, not (fill in the blank).


There is plenty of time.

It’s what you choose to make of it.

It’s not comfortable to look at how you are truly spending your time. This isn’t about judging yourself.

It’s feedback.

What do you want?
How you are you living your life?
Where are you holding back?
What perceptions can you change of yourself, time, others, your goals so you experience more JOY?

What would it be like to never feel constrained by time?
What if your sense of urgency is made up and a LIE?

If time weren’t an issue, what would you choose? How would you be?

What else does this group need to know right now?

Slow down.

It’s ok to do less for a while.
It’s ok to take a step back.
It’s ok NOT to have all the answers (when do you ever really)?

Release the need to know it all.
Release the need to judge yourself and time for where you are or you are not.
Release the worry around money and your need for it and the timeline you’ve created to have it, create it and to grow it.

We know there are Earthly requirements and constraints around time and money. We aren’t naïve.

And yet, you are the creator of your reality.
You are magic with money.
You can bend time.
You can make the “impossible” happen.

Trust the process.
Trust yourself.

Small steps, small choices over time create magic.

Above all else, be KIND TO YOURSELF.
Remember that a delay is not a denial.

Take daily moments to be still and to hear your soul’s guidance. Meditate, go on nature walks, do yoga, do what you need to, to move you forward, even if it feels like nothing is happening.

Because you know changes are happening. They may not yet look the way you’d like it to. And again, are you willing to release your perceptions of time?

What final message do you wish to share with this group?
Time and money are infinite and also constructs from man.

Do not make yourself contingent on time and money for value.

Do not give your power away to time and money or give them responsibility for your results.

Be kind to yourself and remember, you’re the powerful creator of your life.

Your perceptions are here to serve as mirrors of what you believe and to gently (or not-so-gently) guide you back to what’s true for you in any given moment.

You are loved.

Play, have fun, relax in the knowing that ALL IS WELL. IT ALWAYS IS.

Now breathe.


Enjoy life – this is the point of life after all. We seek more time and money to enjoy life but those aren’t prerequisites to enjoying life at all.

Choose joy. Choose infinite time. Choose infinite abundance.

{Records closed}

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