I just finished a call with my mindset healer and I just had to share a big insight I had today with you during our session.

You can watch me share about this on a recent facebook live:


As we were working through my money story and other family stuff, she asked me the poignant question:

“So, are you willing to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for refusing to accept all of the greater good that has come to you over the course of your lifetime?”

In essence, she was asking me if I was willing to see how everything that I disliked about what’s happened in my life had been for my highest good.

Uh…. No!

I immediately felt a desire to have an inner tantrum, I had a loud cursing match and then I was faced with all the places where I had not been willing to choose a point of view where ALL of life could be working FOR me instead of to me.

I had to acknowledge the places where I still had a chip on my shoulder; the places where I wanted to blame other people for “harming” me and where I still harboured anger, resentment and was far from a place of forgiveness (oops!).

As I reluctantly chose to take full responsibility, I began to feel more free and lighter in my body.

I saw that taking responsibility was an opportunity for me to step into a greater awareness of my life and not be stuck in an old loop that kept me feeling powerless and trapped.

I stopped distracting myself with the blaming, shaming and guilt-tripping game that I had been playing with myself.

And I chose to build a new way of being on a foundation of faith, truth and abundance.

Then it hit me how this topic of taking full responsibility for our lives is so interconnected with leadership.

Leading from our soul (i.e. leading from within) takes looking at ourselves first including our shadow side and the parts that need healing.

This in turn enables us to show up from an energy of wholeness instead of over-compensation and fear.

So I want to invite you today to look at where have you may have been unwilling to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for refusing to accept all of the greater good that has shown up in your life?

I.e.  Are you willing to take full responsibility for everything that has shown up in your life and to choose an energy that is lighter and more free instead?

Taking responsibility for our lives invites ultimate freedom, possibility and abundance via @sweetpathgirl.

And how can this in turn affect how you lead and show up in 2017? In your relationships, business, your body and in your life overall?

This is not a time to judge yourself or to take responsibility for other people but rather to be in full allowance and compassion for yourself and from this place choose differently moving forward.

If this topic makes your toes curl, pisses you off or inspires you, follow the energy and your awareness and see where it takes you. It could be just what your soul has been asking for.

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I can’t wait to play with you.