Let’s talk about ease.

I’ve heard some backlash recently in some Facebook groups I belong to thanking people for acknowledging the struggles with entrepreneurship and gratitude for them not using the word ease.

Ease isn’t about fairies and rainbows and it does not mean easy.

Ease is a conscious intention to choose it as a part of the entrepreneurial/life equation.

Easy implies that life will always be smooth sailing (which we know it isn’t).

In my opinion, ease is a willingness to take a path of least resistance while acknowledging that the journey ahead is uncertain and will include moments of dis-ease and discomfort.

It means that when shit hits the fan ease can look like:

=> I have the tools to navigate this situation and to ask for the most graceful approach and least difficult path ahead.

=> I know myself to be resilient and resourceful so that I can move through things and notice where I may choose to do things alone versus asking for help.

=> I know there will be some really tough moments ahead and that even if I do feel overwhelmed and it feels like a struggle, I can lean into my past experiences, colleagues and my inner knowing to move forward with grace.

=> When there are many outside voices shouting at me, I can pause and listen to my intuition and find my spot of inner calm so I respond instead of react.

=> I know I am highly capable and that when I fall into a ditch of self-doubt, anxiety and worry, I know that I am strong enough to move through it and that I don’t have go through it alone. I can ask for and receive help.

While some may use ease as a buzz word and as a way to potentially bypass the realities and hardships of any particular journey, I like to see it and to use it as an intentional energetic tool.

A tool for grace, resourcefulness and the willingness to receive the ease that life affords us when we ask for it.

I know that allowing for ease into my life has created so much more of it especially during challenging times.

To your sweet success,


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