It’s funny how we forget such valuable principles we paid good money for.

Which is why knowledge is only as valuable until it becomes a way of being.

I opened the kitchen pantry door side that I don’t use as much and came upon a book that I’ve read a couple of times and had forgotten it was there.

Upon looking at it, I realized that I’d forgotten some of the basic and super valuable principles that it teaches.

I felt bummed about it and then I went into the wrongness of why I don’t infuse more of those simple principles into my life instead of the habitual loops and narratives that commonly populate my attention.

This goes with everything and with our remembering that we are Souls, Divine beings having human experiences.

That we are so much MORE than the knowledge that we’ve attained.

We are more than the habits and routines that we fluctuate through over the course of the seasons of our lives.

We are so much more than our current reality, our dreams and our life experiences.

A way that has helped me to usher into and breathe life into my Divinity was through the training I did back in 2013 when I learned to live a more soul-led life by accessing my Akashic Records and asking for guidance for much more than my head could possibly help me with.

We so often forget that we are so much more than our HUMAN TO-DO LISTS and PLANS, and that there is very much a Divine Plan at play at every moment.

Yes, we have free will and choice, of course.

And we are not just what we can see and perceive.

There is Divine guidance available to us always.

For me, the way that I most potently, accurately access this information besides my body’s knowing and my intuition is when I go into my Akashic Records to ask for guidance.

I’ve asked it to help me plan my day.

I’ve channeled from my Akashic Records two bodies of work: The Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes and a proprietary Akashic Records curriculum with 4 levels including a teacher training certification.

I’ve channeled two full books (one published), and the outlines for two other books (part of a trilogy).

I’ve asked my guides to help me heal a certain issue.

I’ve asked my guides to give me a marketing plan for my business .

I’ve asked my guides to show me the best people to hire and when.

I’ve asked my guides to show me my blindspots and how to perceive them and to act upon them in a more empowered way.

And I’ve just hang out in my Records because it’s such a wonderful feeling to be immersed in the energy of TRUTH AND LOVE.

Some have heard me say that the first time I entered my Records I felt like I was on “Love Crack” because I felt so immersed in this energy of pure love that I was on a Divine High! It was glorious.

It was the shift in energy I needed to validate for myself what I perceived to be true and wanted to be true all along: that we are so much more than this reality, than our minds can be perceive or we can learn through books.

On Sunday, November 19th, I will be teaching Akashic Records Level 1 Training on Zoom.

This is where YOU learn how to access your own Akashic Records and to feel comfortable in this new energetic ecosystem and confident in your ability to access the information at will.

The investment is USD 555 and payment plans are available.

My life path forever changed when I partnered with my Soul and accessed a higher perspective that was available to me. You already have the ability. I can show you how to wield it to live a richer life in every way.

=> For course details and registration, click here.

To your sweet success,


P.S.: If you can’t attend now, I’ll be offering the next cohort in March 2024 (March 3rd + 2 virtual practice sessions dates TBD).You can reserve your spot with a non-refundable $111 deposit here. )


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“My friend Priscilla Stephan is teaching her next virtual Akashic Records Level 1 Training on Sunday, November 19th. If you’ve been longing to access soul guidance on demand, to lead a more soul enriched life and to channel your body of work, to navigate your business next steps with more flow and to strengthen your intuition and purpose in life, the Akashic Records is the place to be.” Priscilla is a masterful teacher and you will leave the training feeling confident in your ability to access and understand the information you receive from your soul guides.”

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