If you’ve ever wondered why people just don’t seem to “get” what you do or why it’s felt so hard to grow your soul-based business – I may have the missing piece to make sense of it all.

A few weeks ago, a dear colleague Michele Grace Lessirard, made this post on Facebook and when I read it, the last ten years of thinking I was crazy, broken or just not cut out for entrepreneurship finally made sense.

It felt like the turbulent seas calmed down, my entire nervous system relaxed, my head nodded in acknowledgement and I could finally – exhale.

The reason we have been having such a hard time growing our paradigm-shifting businesses is because we are the edge-workers (term from Charles Einsenstein).

In essence, we are at the forefront of new concepts, ideas and ways of doing things that are NOT yet the mainstream. And while we’ve been obviously aware of this – I don’t think we’ve had the context to explain the nuanced and delicate ecosystem that being an edge-worker really is.

While I’m not proclaiming to fully understand all the intricacies of being an edge-worker (i.e. someone who is birthing new ways of doing things into the world), like you – I am INTIMATELY privy to the frustrations, dark nights of the soul, crippling self-doubt, WTF moments and crazy-making tantrums of why isn’t anything working? Or feeling like progress moved slower than molasses.

I share this insight with you because as edge-workers we aren’t navigating a path that most are and as we realized early on – we have no road map and there’s no “proven system” that can show us the way – only our willingness to stay the course, to listen to our intuition and to follow our soul’s calling.

This is easier said than done when launches fail, people look at you like you have five heads when you tell them what you do and your family politely nods when you tell them you are doing cool work but they secretly or not-so-secretly tell you to go get a “regular” job and do something that their brains can understand.

Taking the soul path (aka the path less traveled) isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s hard work and it takes so much guts, faith and sometimes crazy-making to stay the course when everything on the surface indicates you’re failing, might never succeed and at best are just utterly delusional (!!!).

So why do we do it?

The common response I get and give myself is this: “I can’t imagine not doing this work. It calls me to it no matter how much I try to sway from it or how hard it gets or how many times I daydream of quitting and being ‘normal’.”

You’re probably the same.

So how do we stay the course, (mostly) sane and prosper when we are birthing brand new systems, paradigms and healing for a better world?

I believe that a first step is acknowledging our role as edge-workers and that we are both ahead of our times AND perfect for our times.

It does mean things might feel hard, we may not always be understood, that our work may start off by growing incrementally for those that are ready for it now and to trust in the process and in the calling you have answered.

For me, staying the course has meant being the doula for a soul-based framework that helps you grow a purpose-driven business in such a way that you become fluent in your soul’s language of leadership (your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype). And in so doing, you leverage your innate leadership strengths, style and genius to grow a profitable edge-worker business of your own.

It only took five years to say that in two sentences!

And as a fellow edge-worker, I tend to attract like-minded edge-workers who are navigating the exhilarating and at times choppy waters of birthing frameworks, bodies of work and entire businesses that defy, dismantle and transcend mainstream norms, paradigms and beliefs.

This is why I feel I’m especially poised to support you in your business and soul-based leadership growth and evolution.

Invitation to work with me

Who do I work with best?

I support established, service-based women entrepreneurs who are in growth mode and need help to expand their business in total alignment with their vision, values and innate leadership talents or who have a pretty full practice that they want to restructure so they can help more people without working more hours, hiring a big team or compromising their values. Sometimes these two overlap. In either case, their business supports the greater good and feels like a deep calling that they wish to grow while ensuring their well-being, relationships and profits remain robust.

Privately I offer an 8-week Intensive where we create a clear roadmap for your next steps and a 6-month mentorship if you need deeper support that includes having me at your side as you grow your business, joy and personal freedom.

How do I work with clients?

We create alignment across your message, business model and marketing and money systems based on your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype that will allow you to help more people profitably without working harder. I combine soul guidance from your Akashic Records with practical business coaching that supports a joyful life and a profitable business and above all, I help you deepen into your self-trust and joy. We create a clear and step-by-step roadmap to sustainably grow your business without adding more to your plate and this starts by identifying the core areas where you can find space – mental and time – and close money leaks right away,

Links below to choose your next step if you’d like my support.

Upcoming Events: Fall 2021

I’m super excited to share these with you. Click the links below for details and to register.

Akashic Records Level 1 Training: October 23+24

Alchemize enrolling now.

If you are interested in receiving 1:1 support to grow your business, book a 30 minute clarity call with me here.

Words of Wisdom from my Leadership Edges: The path of Integrity

What I’ve uncovered in the last few months is that as you evolve in your spiritual leadership journey, you will find yourself pulled to a deeper level of integrity in how you show up and you run your business. 

This means that the lines of swaying away from what’s 100% True for you become much narrower and you find yourself unable to use misaligned language, marketing tactics, and to follow allegiance to the voice of self-doubt, self-betrayal and scarcity any longer.

And with this comes a beautiful emergence of a richer, more whole, more honest version of yourself that’s willing to speak the unspokens, compromise herself less and in turn become more resonant and emboldened by her authenticity and authority.

A big part of living in integrity with yourself is knowing what your top values are and checking in with yourself daily to see if your life and business choices are in alignment with them. If you haven’t done a values assessment lately, do that and see how it shifts things for you. 🙂

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