1. It attracts 1-on-1 clients who are willing to pay you more. Publicity validates your prices. It creates instant credibility. Plus, when people hear you in an interview, they feel deeply connected to you. When they get on the phone with you, they’re not “auditioning” you to do a song and dance for them. They’re not comparing you to 5 other people. They come to you, saying, “I want to work with YOU, specifically.” You are their first and only choice.

2. It brings more of the RIGHT leads in. People who listen to an in-depth interview with you and a host they already trust, or who read your guest post on a site that publishes high-quality content are more likely to become buyers.

3. It pushes people who’ve been “thinking” about working with you over the edge. I’ve had people email me after listening to a podcast interview say, “I’ve followed you for a while, but this felt like a sign that I’m meant to work with you now!”

4. It boosts your sales in your launches. It takes more work to convince someone to join a group offering vs. a one-to-one experience. Publicity gives you an opportunity to share more of your story, experiences, and results…which ultimately gets people to buy!  

5. It opens the door to bigger opportunities that pay — such as paid speaking gigs, lucrative book deals, and brand partnerships. It justifies a corporation paying you $10,000 or $20,000 to speak to their audience. It gives a publisher confidence when they are signing you as their newest author.

And the other great thing about publicity?

It has a snowball effect. Once you land your first few media hits, it creates momentum, so it becomes easier for you to land even more amazing opportunities and exponentially grow your business.

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