My new mantra is that “I can do hard things”.

Trust me, it’s not something I’m eager to consistently pursue. Rather, it’s become a way of being that I embrace as necessary and something I’m WILLING to do to have the life I desire.

And after the last three years of navigating everything under the sun with the pandemic, it’s a miracle we are mostly sane, healthy and relatively unscathed from the wrath of life and the reckoning of awakening the Universe had for us.

This afternoon, as I was writing a letter to a former client, I found myself speaking to that part of us, that as strong and resilient as it is, also feels tired, weary, scared, ready to throw in the towel and just is plane exhausted and ready for a different reality with less fear and adulting and more joy and simplicity.

If your journey the last few years has been anything like mine, there hasn’t been one area of your life that hasn’t been deeply impacted by the pandemic. Health crises, grief and loss, relationship breakdowns (expected or unexpected), aging parents, career shifts, burnout, stagnation, complacency, life-long dreams coming true, paralysis and an onslaught of emotional onslaughts that left us wondering if we could take one more thing and remain standing and sane.

In the midst of all this, we’ve been called to go deeper within ourselves: to look at the things we’ve been too afraid to face; to have the uncomfortable conversations we’d hoped we could continue avoiding (hello elephant in the room), and tend to our mental and physical health.

At the end of the day, we’re being molded (although it may have felt like being in a pressure cooker or washing machine!) to grow, to evolve and to really step into a higher version of ourselves with more grace and compassion. And that means some old stuff has to go.

I’ve faced head on my own mortality and my husband’s, I’ve had some really hard conversations, I’m knee-deep in my relationship to money, wealth and personal power and with each hard choice I make, I’ve returned to hot yoga, lost twelve pounds and quite a bit of body fat and the more room I feel I take in my own life and business, as a result.

I call this a reckoning or more affectionately, life’s way of getting us to do some life expanding “adulting”.

If you find yourself nodding to some of these comments, here are some insights to navigate your life journey with more reverence, gratitude and grace.

1. Acknowledge your priorities: Diminished capacity is a real thing and some things often take precedence over others. Defining and redefining (monthly, quarterly or yearly) what your priorities are, will allow you to make progress and to move the needle where it matters most to you. Then make sure to enroll the resources and support you need and be willing to be as creative about how you get those needs met as possible. Start with asking for Universal support to show you where to go and to trust that you will have what you need to make it happen.

2. Meet yourself where you are: There’s no point in forcing yourself to do what your body, your heart or your nervous system aren’t ready for. Last year, I knew I had to focus on healing and working through grief because it was taking up so much space in my emotional being that it was where I had the resources and the need to prioritize. Once that was handled, I then had the capacity to focus on getting back to yoga, releasing some extra weight and shifting some food and lifestyle habits.

3. Ask for support and trust your ability to have it: As a true Mystic, I am always reminded to clarify what my need is and then to feel it in my body and to ask for what I need. Sometimes, I try to force the outcome (an inefficient approach!). And I see time and time again that when it’s really time, the person, resource, support or professional help shows up, as if by Universal magic.

4. Trust in your timing: This has always been tough for me because I would equate a quick manifestation with God being on my side. But of course, there are so many invisible forces at play in our human web of interconnectedness that this would be impossible to predict or to force. Rather, look more deeply into your trust of yourself and of the Universal Intelligence and focus on and celebrate the progress that you ARE making. Delays are never denials. Rather they are opportunities to add more expansive, potent deliciousness to our lives because we are becoming better at receiving that which we’ve asked for (and so much more that the Universe is conjuring up for us).

5. Challenge and befriend your limiting beliefs + incongruent patterns: Lean into the discomfort. As you evolve, your ego and your old limiting beliefs will get louder so they can stay in the driver’s seat and tell you it’s keeping you safe, But as you evolve, other parts of you will shift in tow. These include a shift in what you believe about yourself, in how you clarify and honour your desires and how you stop yourself from running old patterns and collapsing into old stories that would take you down. For me, facing head on my co-dependency, my victim mentality, repairing my relationship to myself and to God and self-sourcing my own validation and worthiness have been life-giving activities and given me the freedom to be myself.

6. Prioritize your well-being AND the hard things: For too long, I wasn’t ready to do the harder things. I kept hitting a ceiling that was laced with fear and an inability to feel like I’d be ok on the other side of a different way of being in the world. I wish I could say that I did the hard things willingly but in each case, life got to the point where my fear of NOT doing the hard things surpassed my fear of doing nothing. So I got a health directive and had faced my own mortality and my husband’s over multiple ER visits (we are fine now). We are starting retirement planning, money mapping and talking more openly about our expenses, our future and making time to enjoy life and to disrupt really toxic dynamics around money. And there’s been plenty more. And this also means adding more FUN too!

At its core, we are being called, pushed or shoved to live a life from the INSIDE OUT: to self-validate, to self-resource, to self-love AND to also dance the dance of asking and receiving support and to trusting in our Divinity to guide us every step of the way.

On this path, we get to define for ourselves what success, joy, prosperity, meaning, purpose and magic really look and feel like.

These last few months, as I’ve dug deeper into my own soul’s work, I really wasn’t sure I had the emotional fortitude to keep going to dig even deeper into myself, my fears and truest desires to create a life and a body of work that could truly impact millions.

When I look into the future, I see myself as the CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise, as someone who is living her values and her priorities and who is deeply present in the moment.

Doing the inner game work IS where many of us will shift the course of our lives, fulfillment and our prosperity levels and I’m doing it right there with you. The soul-level work I do in your Akashic Records illuminates the fullness of your power, gives you the permission to (re)claim and monetize on your gifts and to fully go all in on your gifts and to turn your core potential into your FULL potential.

The soul work I do takes what’s great about you and turns it into greatness.


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If I can support you on your journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out and feel free to share this with a colleague who may benefit.

To your sweet success,


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