Today I’m starting a 5 day email series helping you to gain more clarity on your superpowers and your shadow side so you can become a more effective leader, CEO and overall awesome human being. At the bottom I have an invitation to a free chat zoom chat with me next Monday.

So a heads up that you’ll be receiving a bit more information than usual from me in your inbox.  I promise that the information is super valuable and has come from the “front lines” of my personal experience stepping into leadership and also from my clients.

So here we go to today’s topic….. What’s your kryptonite:

We all have it.

Those thoughts, beliefs and energies that when we engage with them make us go crazy.

In working with the Leading From Your Soul Archetypes, I’ve become acutely aware of mine.

My kryptonite is self-doubt.

It’s a doozy, you know?

While we all suffer from it, it’s a particularly crippling and pesky bugger for Mystics and Visionaries.

The stories of:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I don’t know enough.
  • No one will want my stuff.
  • I have got to get one more certification to be “ready”.
  • Will I ever make enough money doing what I want to do in the world? Will anyone actually pay for me that?
The good news is that these stories aren’t true.

And the truth is that you are either doubting yourself or you are creating. And YOU my dear are a potent creator!

So which one will you choose? I hope you say creation.

To lead yourself to success and your team, identifying your kryptonite and knowing what triggers it for you and them can be a GAME CHANGER.

So do you know what your triggers are that get you out of creation and joy mode?

Here are some of my triggers:

  • when my bank account gets low and I slip into scarcity mentality
  • when I don’t get immediate and positive feedback to my work (i.e. I must be doing something wrong!)
  • when I get in my head and try to figure out the “how” instead of asking empowering questions
  • when I compare myself to other people who I perceive as more successful as myself (comparison-it is).
  • When I see something I want and have to wait to buy it (vs buying it when I want to).

You also have what I call your personal “ditch” or ditches which are places and energies you hang out in when you get triggered.  

My ditch is fear.

And being in this place can create a habit of thoughts, feelings and actions (or non-action) that can make me feel stuck, doubt yourself and stay in an endless loop of anxiety, fear, desperation and confusion.

Leadership is an inside job.

Knowing yourself  – both your strengths and your challenges -will make you a better leader, CEO, mother, friend and overall human being.

Isn’t this a juicy conversation?

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