Meet Taz.

She is a my neighbour’s 1 year Grand Schnauzer puppy who is a feisty little devil true to her name.

Today, when I went to feed her and her 90 pound brother – Dax – she was in heat. 😱

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten my dog fix by pet sitting other dogs in my neighbourhood.

And Taz, has by far, been my greatest teacher.

Today, as I was playing fetch with her, I realized three lessons I’ve learned from her that pertain to business growth, self-leadership and marketing.

  1. Speaking louder doesn’t solve anything: Taz taught me that presence is more powerful than volume. When I shifted my energy and took command of our relationship, instead of just shouting the same thing at her hoping she’d change, she obeyed me.
  2. Tuning out the noise: As both dogs were barking, whining and getting more riled up, I had to decide if I was going to get lost in their chaos or take control.I took control by literally telling myself: calm down AND tune them out.The moment I did that, Taz stopped whining, Dax continue playing catch and I felt like I was back in charge.
  3. Putting fear into perspective: This was my first time caring for a dog in heat and the fear of something going wrong could have easily derailed me. Instead, I acknowledged the valid concern and kept focused on the task at hand: to care for one dog at a time.

What I know FOR SURE, is that there are parts of the old you today that are holding you back from your future.

It could be old stories, bumping up against old patterns and beliefs or hitting a glass ceiling (or it can feel like a brick wall).

It may even be showing up in some common shadow archetypes such as:

  • The Victim: You blame yourself or others for your current situation; get angry, frustrated and you want someone to come and save you.
  • The Saboteur: You are hearing all the “good reasons” why taking a scary next step can wait, is too expensive or unnecessary.
  • The Judge: You tell yourself that you can handle everything yourself and that no one can do things as well as you and you harshly judge others.

Seeing these blinds pots and calling them out for what they are is PARAMOUNT for your biz growth.

This is because it creates space for you to take back the reins of your inner voice and to lead from your strengths and magic instead (good-bye doubt, anxiety and spinning).

This is why I love the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype ™ body of work.

In addition to revealing how to fulfill your natural potential as a leader, it shows you what makes you tick so you know exactly how to navigate your life and business so you aren’t a victim to your old patterns and beliefs. Simply put, it brings you home to yourself.

What are archetypes you ask?

An archetype is a set of energies, patterns, beliefs and programming that is present in the collective unconscious. We each carry within us, the potency of multiple archetypes (think of the warrior, the goddess for example). Accessing these energies allows you to deeply understand yourself and how to step into self-authority and self-leadership.

How does knowing your leadership archetype help you become more visible?

The beauty of understanding archetypes on a DEEPER level is that it ILLUMINATES your personal programming and patterns – often from childhood that while left unnoticed, gets to run the show in your BUSINESS versus the highest version of you. Archetypes also show you your innate brilliance (ie superpowers) and how to apply them in every area of your life to create more of what you desire with more ease.

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