At the core of every good decision is self-trust and yet the primary reason women entrepreneurs don’t take action in their business is due to an eroded lack of self-trust.

Eroded self-trust can happen as a result of:

  • Making a poor financial decision in the past when you felt the red flags and still signed on the dotted line.
  • Hiring a team member you just knew wasn’t a right fit but you said yes anyway because you were under pressure or wanted to be nice and then paid a big price (training/firing them/micromanaging).
  • When your attorney tells you to put a partnership agreement in writing and you decide to not rock the boat and trust the other person and then find out that person stole your IP and now you’re in court spending tons of time and money defending yourself.
  • Staying in a relationship longer than you had to and having it end badly.

That voice of “if only I had___X“. It can make you seriously doubt your ability to trust your instincts.

And this can cost you dearly in your joy, confidence and courage to take quantum leaps.

But it doesn’t have to.

At the core of ALL the work I do is this: helping women trust themselves because when they don’t they don’t serve the world at their best.

And what trusting yourself REALLY means in practice is this: not abandoning yourself.

This requires making your own needs a priority and also being hyper-aware of past conditioning that has created unhealthy patterns.

The good news is that even in the past instances when you didn’t really listen to that inner voice telling you to pause/revisit/speak up you can do things differently NOW.

Because now you can ask yourself:

1. What does NOT betraying myself and my vision look/feel like right now?

2. What needs to be said, expressed, done in order for me to stay in INTEGRITY with myself?

3. What triggers might make me waver in myself and how can I stay in my power and in my Truth?

Keeping your self-trust intact matters because when our self-trust has been eroded, it’s easy for us to start giving our power away.

Things like:

=> Saying yes when you mean no to avoid conflict or appearing difficult.

=> Following through on a commitment even though it doesn’t feel right anymore and you don’t want to disappoint or look like you are flaking.

=> Telling yourself that a situation isn’t so bad as it really is instead of sharing what’s bothering you.

=> Staying in relationships past their expiration date and then getting frustrated for not speaking up sooner.

Self-trust means being willing to SAY and to DO THE THING that you need to so you don’t throw yourself under the bus anymore.

And it CAN be scary. Not betraying yourself ultimately means giving yourself permission to potentially disrupt the lives of others while maintaining integrity within yourself.

This means that you may have to hold tighter boundaries, say no, stop people pleasing, be perceived as the “bad/difficult one”, have people throw emotional tantrums and say hurtful things at you.

This is the choice moment where you get to keep the eyes on the prize and to ask yourself: => Am I willing to betray myself right now in order to please others or am I willing to stay true to myself no matter what?

Because I dare say that self-trust is THE most potent skill to have in life and in business and I’ll take it even further.

I believe that effective leadership is significantly compromised if not built on a firm bedrock of self-trust.

So speak up. Say the thing. Rock the boat. Make others uncomfortable.

Where in your life and business right now are you being asked not to betray yourself and to lean into self-trust even more?

I’d love to hear more and if I can help you along this process, keep reading.

To your sweet success,


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