Have you ever been on a roll and then all of a sudden, everything that had worked for you in the past just stops working?

If this is happening to you, you’re not alone.

And it’s ok to be: “wtf”?

The good news is that the short answer to the question is to stop, listen and to pay very close attention.

I say this because this has been happening to me since the beginning of the year and I know that I’m not alone.

After the holidays I found myself utterly burned out despite the exhilaration of having had the best 2 months financially I’d ever had (and lots of fun too).

So after January 1st, the energy of endless momentum literally turned to a standstill and time felt like molasses.

Clients and prospects that had said they wanted to work with me backed out or disappeared.

And with the sudden shift in energy came the voices of doubt, fear, judgment and many “wtf” moments.

It seemed that the more I tried to find new ways of riding the momentum wave, the more resistance I came up against.

The slow down began causing anxiety, trepidation and indecisiveness.

And yet, spaciousness and time had actually been what I had asked for last year. I needed time to integrate so many life and business changes.

I knew that something was up, I just didn’t know how this was supporting my growth until I had an astrology reading with a colleague of mine today.

And the light bulb went off.

In short, I’m going through a strong re-evaluation and growth period.

The slowdown is purposeful to help me step into my new edges, reconsider how I do everything, and to step into greater vulnerability in my relationships and greater self-empowerment with my message and my business.

Our soul always knows what’s best for us. And it’s always right on time.

The key to navigating life, and especially transition, is to connect to your soul, and to let it lead the way.

Some of us connect with our soul through meditation, journaling and stillness and others (like me) also add outside counsel to help illuminate those pesky blind spots.

Upon reflection, I noticed I had been feeling those soul nudges to explore my dream of working with influential conscious business leaders (gulp! – did I just say that publicly lol?) and I had been feeling a desire to express my creativity in non-business related ways.

Funny thing is that with burn out you realize how undernourished some parts of your life have become.

When I identified the energy leak as feeling malnourished, my soul told me to start being creative again.

So I signed up for a ceramics class at the local community college for the semester, I started taking Bikram yoga classes and this weekend Alex bought me a new piano (I played a lot in my teenage years).

Talk about ask and you shall receive!!!

So here’s the good news, if what you’d been doing has stopped working:

There’s nothing wrong.
You aren’t broken.
There’s nothing wrong with you.

You are just going through a transition time of growth, re-evaluation and self-inquiry.

The bad news is that it will likely make your logical mind and your ego freak the fuck out!

So here are a few tips to help you if you find yourself a little worn out, scared of the unknown and pushing (unsuccessfully).

  1. Stop and listen to what’s not working. Where are you pushing out of fear? Identify, with a curious mind, what’s not flowing anymore. And what IS flowing and asking to be expressed through you. Forget about your bills, your expectations and judgments and focus on what IS true for you for a moment.
  2. Ask the question: “What is the gift in this that I am not yet seeing/receiving?” Stay in the question and allow the awareness to appear.
  3. What parts of you are in need of a little TLC or extra nourishment? It is your body, your self-care, your business model, your relationships, your relationship to yourself? Then identify an action step to start nourishing these parts of yourself.
  4. Give yourself permission to exhale and to trust. Transitions can feel challenging because they require a renewed degree of faith (I know, I know!!!). So what will it take, for you to feel supported right now? What is the worst case scenario and what do you need to know/have in place so you know that’s pretty unlikely?
  5. Lean in and ask for support: For me that has meant being super vulnerable with Alex about all the gunk that I’ve been feeling and asking for his unconditional support as I go through this.
  6. Purge: cry, yell, scream, beat yourself up (just for a bit!), binge watch Netflix, get massages, drink a glass of wine, eat chocolate, talk to your friends, turn off Facebook and give yourself permission to FEEL IT ALL. GO THERE preferably with no judgment (I’ve done it all).
  7. Get help: talk to a counselor, a coach, your friends, see a healer or two, start exercising, eating better foods and call in the big guns to get you out of your fear, funk or spiral.
  8. Stop judging yourself and where you are: This means just STOP IT. If you are like me and you just need to know what’s going, find the answers within and outside of yourself if need be. Because trust me, the self-judgment and the shame are real and can be debilitating. And yet, they are still lies we are buying into.

And perhaps most importantly, be gentle with yourself.

Transitions that require deep introspection and inner work can give you the impression/ the illusion that you aren’t making (enough) progress, that you are losing time, and that “everyone else” is getting ahead, except you.

And what if that just isn’t true?
What if you are right on time?

Again, what is the gift in this that you aren’t yet receiving?

What if you are being primed for your next level of brilliance and greatness?

Every season, cycle and rhythm of life brings with it incredible gifts.

They may not all be comfortable, but again, they aren’t meant to… and we get to choose our experience.

I share today’s post with humility because it’s been humbling, scary and painful going through this transition.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to understand it better and if you are going through this, I want you to know that you aren’t alone.

That no one, no matter how great their online persona might be, has it all together.

Keep taking baby steps, asking questions and trusting your awareness.

You’ve got this ☺


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