Sometimes we forget that the dreams that we dream, we dream for all, NOT just for ourselves.

That they are, in fact, a quintessential part of the collective fabric that unites us and expands the collective consciousness.

Our dreams subsequently, don’t exist as an island.

Rather they are a deeply sacred and personal dream for the collective too.

Therefore, the impact our dreams have on our lives, may very well have much greater ripple effects on the lives of others in ways we likely will never fully comprehend or get to witness in our lifetime.

Therein lies its magic and the fuel it offers us as we realize them.

So that when we feel like we are in the jaws of fear or taken over by the claws of self-doubt and imposter syndrome, we can remember we are playing a game of many, not a game of one.

This realization isn’t meant to paralyze us or to stop us but as fuel when we get too insular in our fear caves and the dark narrow tunnels of “Can I do this? and “Will it really work?” that we can remember a greater WHY for what we are really doing.

That our dreams are Divinely inspired and resourced.

That our desires are sacred whispers from our Soul guiding us on our path to wholeness AND fulfillment and impact.

That what we dream and hold so sacred IS sacred and deserves to be handled with the care we’d give something new and precious.

And perhaps most exhilarating, that we GET to co-create something greater than ourselves with our Creator.

And in the process, we experience a depth of self-realization, self-expression and fulfillment that transcends anything we could do that’s only meant for ourselves.

Yes, it’s totally for us and for all the reasons it matters.

And yes, it’s totally for the ALL for all the reasons it matters.

Now carry on doing your sacred work.

Your next dream awaits.

Much love as always.


P.S; If you need support clarifying your next steps, I’m here for you and your dreams.

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