For a while, my clients have told me they feel like they are in the chrysalis waiting for their butterfly to come out to fly.

They describe themselves in between dismantling what hasn’t been working anymore (the old) and trying to figure out who they are becoming and what their business looks like for the future (the new that’s emerging).

The bridge for my emergence has been a body of work I was given three years ago. For so long I have felt deeply uncomfortable working with leadership and archetypes. It wasn’t an area of “expertise” and it did wonders on my self-confidence for a while.

I work with coaches, healers, consultants and conscious business owners who have a common thread: they are stepping into sharing new frameworks that contradict, smash and altogether alter the trajectory of how we live, love, lead, do business and care for the planet.

They are lifting the veil of unconscious paradigms and creating deeper consciousness, awareness and possibilities for people.

So sharing a new framework with the world can be confronting at first.

Fraud factor
How do I market this?
Will people think I’m crazy, (fill in the blank)?Will people pay me for this? And my personal favourite is the fear of ridicule.

So the default programming comes into play and confusion, overwhelm, procrastination, Netflix, perfectionism, analysis paralysis, Facebook scrolling.

But the work is here to uncover something within YOU.

More specifically, a Truth about a different possibility that you KNOW IS POSSIBLE.

Perhaps it’s already out there being played out. Perhaps it’s still not mainstream yet and you’re a pioneer and trailblazer – awesome.

What if the work is here to uncover the truth of the paradigm shift you KNOW is possible?

I have a huge thank you to my fabulous friend Heather Clark today for this insight and for asking me this question today.

For the longest time, I have been weighed down by the perception that leadership is about expertise and about having SO many answers.

It has felt –
An obligation
A grind
A struggle
A head bubble hustle
A “let me try to figure this shit out before someone finds out I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.”

So yeah – I don’t know what I’m doing AND yes I do. (Same goes for you and your business).

I know that the old paradigm of leadership of obligation, of feeling like you have to have all the right things or do the right things to “belong”, “fit in” or to be “accepted” is a FARSE.

What this emerging work of mine helped me claim for myself today, and yours has perhaps for you, is that the old paradigm is FULL OF SHIT (B.S. for short!)

What leadership to me is a conscious desire to contribute.

How I want to lead is with a sense of play and that allows me to be Magic.

When those words came out of my mouth I went wow… awesome and oh holy shit people are going to laugh me right out of town.

But truth be told, aren’t we sick, tired and exhausted of trying to be someone or something we are NOT?

Of playing by rules that are so antiquated they should be antiques?

Aren’t we discouraged that we’ve tried to model other people only to realize that copying them feels inauthentic at best and works miserably at worst?

Aren’t we tired of giving our eyes and ears to “supposed leaders” who we are supposed to look up to but we can see totally through and who leave us aching for so much better/more?

What if the framework I was given allows you to be joyful (a key standard for success in the work), playful and magical AS you help to create a planet that works for everyone, starting with YOU?

What if joyful leadership is the pathway to a new paradigm of contribution that works and that creates more connection, collaboration and a win-win?

And what if, just because we may not see as many examples of such leadership as we want yet, that it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work, but rather, that it is an invitation to get curious and to give it a fair shot?

I swear when I read about joy as a key marker for success in the work, I saw myself being ridiculed and laughed out of town (cue Polyanna, fairy dust, Unicorns and rainbows).

As Heather so poignantly asked me was: And is fairy dust and being Polyanna-like so bad after all?

After a pause I said no.

I may not be an expert in leadership but I DO know the kind of world I want to see where people, businesses, the collective and the planet WIN.

And I believe I was given a framework of leadership archetypes to help you, those of you who ache for a life with deeper soul and meaning, who yearn to contribute in a way that’s uniquely your own, deeply fulfilling AND that resonates for YOU a path to doing so with ease.

Your work and the possibility you are offering won’t be for everyone.

And that’s ok.

And I know from personal experience, that understanding yourself more deeply is a gateway to freedom.

This is sovereignty.

It’s an opportunity to own what you naturally are good at and to choose how you want to express yourself – from a place of conscious choice and wonder, rather than obligation or should’s.

It’s a framework that helps you know when you are on track or off track with yourself and your truth. A lens to understand what naturally works for you – so you don’t need to copy someone else, compare yourself unfairly, be so discouraged or overwhelmed.

So you have the safe space and the freedom to be yourself.

And sure, we may make it up (ie build the bridge as we go).

Case in point, last week I asked women entrepreneurs how they felt about the term CEO and there were many mixed reactions.

Perhaps as we unleash the new paradigm, the new terminology, words, structures, containers and possibilities will emerge in tow.

We are walking the bridge on the way to a new way. And that’s ok.

The point is, the work at times may be confronting, it may trigger all your stuff and that’s ok.

And what if the greatest gift to all of us, is what your work will unleash within you – and then within all of us?

If you haven’t experienced the Soul Leadership Archetypes you can take a short assessment to understand how you naturally lead and your leadership style here.

Want to come spend a magical day in San Diego with me this Fall and other magical, likeminded entrepreneurs?


I keep getting the nudge so I’m following it and I’m hosting a group VIP day in San Diego for 3-5 conscious women business owners to come play with me for a day and move the needle on 1 or 2 core areas of your business (plus so much more).

Because you are on the EDGE of birthing the next level you AND of your work!

Q: What is the ONE area of your business that if it was solved you could gain significant traction?

How would having soul guidance, masterminding support, hot seats, mindset/clearing work PLUS a beautiful location and an incredible group of like-minded women be like in a spirit of joyful leadership support your business?

Some of the business needles we can work on (again, we will focus on YOUR CORE NEEDLE MOVERS):

-You will understand yourself so much more intimately as a leader so you stop trying to lead in ways that are authentic to you and stop comparing yourself to others. Yes you can be genuine, have integrity and help people and save yourself a TON of energy in the process.

-You will have a business model and vision that truly aligns with your lifestyle goals and sense of purpose (hello freedom, income AND fulfillment) and OFFERS and structures to support your growth with more EASE.

-You will understand your marketplace better and how you make decisions (aren’t there so many) so you move more quickly.

-You will move through key blocks getting in the way of you creating the impact you desire.

– You will map out 2020 for play and prioritizing what matters most to YOU.

If you are interested, email me and we can talk further

The day will be customized for the participants with pre and post support so you truly get incredible results that will move you, your income, your soul’s passion and joy to a next level. Date is tbd but likely October or early November. It is super affordable and payment plans are available.


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