I drop into your inbox today with the reminder that your work matters and to not give up on your vision of what’s possible or your unique way of delivering your magic.

I can’t tell you how much self-doubt has been a crippling kryptonite in my business life.

Lately, I started wondering again if the work I do really matters and if I was just meant to go do something else. Doing my soul’s work hasn’t been an easy path. You’ve probably been there too.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve refined my  core 1:1 offers (8-week and 6 month programs) to focus on supporting mission-driven women who own established businesses and who find themselves shackled and drowning because they are doing everything in their business.

With this process I started doubting again.

This time the question of:  “Can it really be this easy to support these women when most of what I do is hold space and provide the strategic and tactical tweaks that allow them the space to step into true leaders of their vision?”

=> I don’t focus on deep healing work although they have deeply rooted beliefs that are controlling their action.

=> I don’t have fancy techniques I use although the hours we spend are soulful, deep and incredibly intimate and vulnerable.

I guide them through a clear process that helps them simultaneously create mental and emotional space to focus on what they really want to do and help them build the self-trust to lead themselves and their vision in a sustainable way.

This morning as I talked to my client who owns a conscious farm, we did a check-in mid-way through her 6 month coaching program.

I asked a simple question on her current outlook on her business and how she was feeling IN her business right now.

I sincerely was brought to tears.

I love that she said: ” When you won’t look in new directions out of fear, that fear controls you where you cannot see or are open to new possibilities.”

She added that when she met me she had “hoped” that all she’d created over the last 13 years on her farm had been enough.

Now she knows she has done enough and she feels genuinely empowered for the future and excited.

She had some pretty big epiphanies around self-trust and the trust her parents instilled in her is what she wishes to instill in all those that interact with her farm.

Moreover, she added that it would be selfish of her to deny people access to the transformation her farm can offer.

From this place she is willing to transfer the burden of doing “everything” on the farm to others who can support her vision.

This is real change when the transformation creates a deeply anchored new knowing that will guide all of her choices moving forward.

I don’t say these things to gloat though I am fiercely and humbly proud of how far she has come and of her commitment to herself.

I share this as a reminder for all of us that the greatest work we do relies heavily on our greatest gifts and that servicing our clients with our genius can feel quite effortless when we are doing it.

That finding “soulmate” clients really can be incredibly ease-filled and fulfilling because they “get you” and you “get them” and you are working in tandem towards a clear goal.

And acknowledging that the more we refine our own process, we deepen into our body of work, we get to embody self-trust for ourselves even more and in how we do what we do.

Even when it seems hopeless.

Even when it seems like the tide won’t change.

Even when we don’t think anyone is listening or hearing or getting what we say.

Self-doubt has made it seem like my client successes, particularly with those who are in this particular phase of business was a fluke – a set of few lucky strikes.

But here’s what I’m learning to be the real truth as I continue to trust my own process and myself:

* Yes my ideal clients love my soulful and practical approach (versus as she put it a more hardcore “the Harvard Business School” approach).

* Yes my clients love that I hold space for them and hold their hands as they step into their truest and most natural and potent expression of leadership.

* Yes my ideal clients LOVE the spacious and intimate nature of our coaching style that allows them to stay resourceful and creative in their approach without following formulas or being pushed to follow a certain agenda, process or timeline.

* Yes my ideal clients are celebrated and rise when they are witnessed in the fullness of their humanity and not shamed for what they haven’t done or only celebrated for their achievements.

And I want you to trust your way of doing things too.

At times I wish I could bottle what I do in my marketing but it always seems that the right clients find me in the most “random” of ways when they aren’t even really looking for a business coach.

And yet when I ask them what made you say yes (and it’s usually a pretty clear and immediate yes) – they tell me that they “just know that it’s right”.

And from there absolute magic and deep-rooted, sustainable inner change emerges where these women show up in genuine leadership: lighter, happier, empowered, free to be themselves and with an anchored self-trust of their vision and a deeply seeded knowing that they have everything they need to succeed.

Magic comes in space-holding and in trusting my process that helps them to the other side where they have a sustainable business and ingrained self-trust that can take them to new heights as the stewards of their vision of a better world for all. I don’t have to know the ins and outs of their industry to work with them.

At the end of the day, this makes it all worthwhile because seeing empowered women genuinely trusting themselves and leading their visions is the ultimate embodiment of success in my eyes and marker of success for me.

If you’ve been wavering in your vision, feeling at all disheartened in your business or in the state of the world, I share this with you as a reminder to stay the course and to double down on your magic and what you know in your soul is possible for yourself and the world when you step out and lead.

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