2024 has brought a very weepy and grief-laden opening I had not expected. From what I hear, many are feeling the same.
I thought I’d felt so much already.

This is different.

It is a grief of an innocence lost.

This photo of four year old me expresses that innocence of my inner child.

She has so much love and sweetness.

She is so precocious, full of life and light.

She is so in awe of the world and her parents.

In this photo I was on my way overseas to embark on a new life that would separate me from my dad, pictured in the photo.

My grief is HER grief.

For love lost.
For the moments when humanity took an undesirable turn and she was in the crosshairs.
For when she wanted to be protected but others’ needs took precedence over her welfare.
For when one thing was said, but another was acted upon.

I grieve for her innocence lost.
For the moments, the many moments she had no voice and no one spoke on her behalf.
When no one asked, “How are YOU doing?”
“What do YOU need?”

I am grieving for her.
For her pain, her rage, her innocence, her immense capacity for love and compassion.
They aren’t lost though, just deeply BRUISED.

I see you now sweet one.
I am listening.
I am holding you sweetly and tenderly.

You are no longer on the sidelines or a pawn.
You are center stage.
If your inner child craves some tending to, I am offering a 2 hour Akashic Inner Child Healing Intensive that creates space for PEACE.
As a recent client expressed after her session: “You experience a shift in how you see the situation and in how you acknowledge and remember it allowing you to free yourself of the pain and embrace the lessons it taught you.”
This session can be used for any kind of longstanding wound that’s been holding you back such as:

  • abandonment, persecution, witch wounds
  • deeply ingrained emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, self-doubt, perfectionism, judgment, self-loathing/self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, unworthiness and so on.

We work with your inner child, your ancestors and your Spiritual Team to alchemize the wound into an empowered, lighter perspective that sets you free.

Peace comes from understanding the Higher Truth of your situation versus the wounding story that perpetuates your pain.

Once we clear the old energies and replace your perspective to a Higher One, your behaviour and life experience will shift permanently.

The investment for the session is USD 555.00.
Here’s a 2-pay option.
I’m here to help if this is something you feel is ripe for healing and alchemy.

To your sweet success,
P.S.: If this session would benefit a friend, please forward this email onto him/her and pay it forward. Sharing is caring.
P.P.S: Now open for enrollment: Akashic Records Level 1 and Level 2 Trainings.

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