Happy New Year!

I’m just back at my desk today working on my book and channeling the final Soul Leadership™ Archetypes and I just had to reach out to you.

I get so incredibly excited when I receive these archetypes because I can see how powerful they are to help you share your gifts and become more visible.

And frankly, it’s the perfect time of year to talk about leadership and introduce to you a topic that I will be discussing a lot in 2017: Soul Leadership™.

Soul Leadership™ is about contribution.

More importantly, soul leadership is a CHOICE to contribute to the world in ways that not only support you and your business/organization but also the collective good.

Soul leadership™ is about taking a bold stand within yourself to show up and to be a stand for something meaningful to you and speaking up for that cause, that belief, the vision that you have deep within inside of yourself that’s dying to come out and to play.

You see your soul has a unique path to living, loving, leading, doing business and living your dream life that’s individually yours.

The beauty of the Soul Leadership™ Archetypes is that they show you how you are best meant to show up as a leader and to harness your strengths and minimize your weaknesses so you lead powerfully, organically and make the greatest contribution you are here to make with more ease.

And the thing is that whether someone is a janitor, a mother, a coach, a healer, a doctor, a writer, they are a leader.

This is because we are all born leaders.

The question is whether we feel ready to heed the call to become visible and to lead in a more powerful way in our lives and businesses or to lay dormant.

No matter where you fall in the leadership spectrum: leader in waiting, emerging leader or full-blown leader you ARE a leader.

I recently interviewed my past clients and asked them if they considered themselves leaders and they all affirmed that they saw themselves as leaders.  Some were more introverted, others more boisterous and yet there were ALL leaders.

And leadership, while perhaps intimidating or grandiose at first as a concept, is in fact simple.

Ask yourself:

  • If I trusted myself as a leader and I knew that I couldn’t fail, how would I choose to lead in my life and business this year?
  • What baby step could I take to step into a leadership role?
  • What causes do I believe in?
  • What am I a stand for in my life and in my work?
  • What contribution do I want to make?
  • What is your next level of visibility? Writing a book? Rebranding? Starting a new project or business?

If you are reading this, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.

I believe that you are hungry to powerfully deliver your juicy contribution to the world in your unique way.

And perhaps you just haven’t figured out how to go about it yet or you’ve had trepidation at being more visible.

Wherever you are, it’s perfect.

And the question remains: Would you like help uncovering your unique soul’s path to leading powerfully, making your contribution with your gifts and to do it gracefully, joyfully and profitably?

If so, I have created a brand new Soul Leadership™ Archetype Activation Session to help you lead soulfully and powerfully in 2017.

Doesn’t that just sound so juicy?

During the Soul Leadership™ Activation Session you will uncover:

  • Your Soul Leadership™ Archetypes and how to leverage this illuminating information to propel you into powerful, soulful and magnetic leadership by maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses
  • The impact you are meant to make as a leader
  • What leadership truly means to you + how to lead YOUR way
  • How to best showcase your leadership style and gifts(for ex. Speaking, writing, innovation, creativity etc..)
  • How to harness your gifts, purpose and leadership style in your life and business for maximum impact, abundance and freedom
  • How to see yourself as a powerful leader and clear any major blocks that are stopping you from stepping into your full power and impact
  • How to embrace joy as your path of leadership and create a leader’s mindset so you aren’t derailed from your path

Your bonuses: A 20 minute meditation and e-book to keep you vibrationally aligned with your leadership vision.

This session will illuminate your unique soul’s path to leading powerfully and to leaving your legacy in the world with grace, impact and joy now.

I am doing 8 sessions at the beta investment of $297.

The sessions last 90 minutes in the Akashic Records (recorded) + a 30 minute coaching follow-up call.

Sessions must be purchased this month (while supplies last) and can be scheduled through March 15th.

Are you ready to lead from your soul and harness your soul leadership archetypes in your life and business for more ease and impact?

Click here to book your Soul Leadership™ Activation Session.

I can’t wait to play with you.