I met Carolynn at a women’s conference and after a brief interaction, she put her business card in my hand and said, “You have what I need.”

That sort of thing happens frequently to me. When someone is ready to do this work, we find each other even when we both live in a different state and happen to be attending a conference for soulful entrepreneurs.

When Carolynn and I met, she had a wonderful problem: she had more business than she could handle and had no room to take on new clients. Her income was a plateau because of it.

She wanted to take on more bookkeeping and event planning clients but as a solopreneur she was already working 60+ hours a week at the expense of her health and time with her husband.

She knew it was time to start hiring team members and she also had a passion project brewing inside her: a sister company that would provide mentoring to women so they would be empowered and have a joyful relationship with money. She knew she wanted to write a book, too.

But she was stuck with how to do any of those things without losing income if she didn’t keep up the pace she was doing.

Over the course of the six months that Carolynn and I worked together, her business and her life transformed significantly for the better. Here’s what we accomplished in that time:

  • Carolynn hired her first team member, a new bookkeeper, and then a data entry person so she focussed on business development and more intricate projects
  • She tripled her rates and didn’t lose a single client
  • She freed up a third of her time that she used to travel with her husband and to explore new hobbies.
  • We birthed her soul’s project, a sister company, The Money Empowerment Project ® which now actively mentors women entrepreneurs to be empowered with their money
  • She wrote her first book that became an Amazon Bestseller
  • She stepped into her role as a leader of her business not a task manager for her clients and feels deeply on track doing her soul’s work, helping her clients at the highest level AND enjoying her life and feeling healthier and happier than ever.
  • She is on track to making $250k/year in her business whereas before she’d hovered just under the 100k mark for years.

As Carolynn, who is a Visionary Archetype, said to me: “I am living my dream life and I never thought it could be this amazing.”

“Since uncovering my Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes, I’ve recognized where my power comes from as a leader and how I can better lead with my team and my clients. This has made a big difference i how I approach my business. Before I felt I was serving my clients and now I feel that I’m leading my clients and helping them understand their business instead of checking off. list of what I need to do for them.”

Carolynn Bottino
Founder, More Empowerment Project®

Here are some questions I’ll leave you with to explore, which will highlight the gifts you can step into in your archetype:

  • What needs to shift in my life and in my business in order for me to have time and space to enjoy what I have created?
  • How do I find a balance between my clients needs and my own needs?
  • Where am I over giving and under charging?

If you’re reading this and haven’t taken the quiz, then check it out here.

If you are ready to step into your next level of leadership, I’d love to walk beside you on your journey. Whether at an upcoming Roundtable or by hopping on a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to explore how we can work together and co-create some magic.

Thanks for being on this wild and soulful ride with me.


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