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This morning I was nudged to send you a channeled message to support you in taking that next step to make your dreams a reality.

I went into the Akashic Records of our newsletter community and below is the wisdom to guide you forward.

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What message do you have for my newsletter community right now?

It’s time to pause.

Take a breath and reflect on all that that has transpired so far.

You’ve made it through.

It’s not been easy – we know.

And yet you’ve created, released and accomplished so much.

You have, dear one, navigated so much both in your inner worlds and your outer world.

So again – out breath.

It’s easy with so much happening to either think you haven’t done enough (or reached the goals in the way or as far as you’d desired).

Remember what you HAVE accomplished, created and released.

Given all that has transpired, isn’t it a miracle that you are still here, alive, breathing and relatively if not fully intact?

We know it’s been a challenging year and yet here you are.

Before even stepping into the final stretch of 2020 and all that it still has in store for you, are you willing to truly reflect on what has happened and what has been achieved to date?

This isn’t really about achievement at all – this is about acknowledgement of yourself and your resilience.

It’s an acknowledgement of how much you are doing well, right and how well you are overall.

  • That you’ve continued to listen to your intuition.
  • That you’ve continued to believe in the good of humanity and in your role to play in supporting the greater good.
  • That you’ve continued to grow, to work on yourself and to do the hard inner work to stay well, healthy and stable amidst so much uncertainty.
  • That you’ve continued to wake up every morning and to say yes to yourself, to a better world, to healthy relationships and perhaps and above all – to making those tough calls that have required enormous faith, courage and stamina.

You’ve done it all and yet here you are.

Please pause and acknowledge it all.

It’s easy to think that what you’ve done hasn’t been enough or what you had hoped this year to be hasn’t come to fruition but what if it’s even better than it could ever have been?

-Because you’ve gotten in touch with parts of yourself you didn’t think you had or ever thought you’d have to tap into.

-Because you’ve seen that determination, resilience, consistency and positive determination can move mountains, change worlds and do good.

-Because you haven’t let the scarcity of so many or the suffering of so many affect your ability to believe in what’s good and that good can and will continue to be your normal.

Humanity is at a crossroads indeed and you continue to play a role in its future whether you choose to participate in it actively or not.

We aren’t here to tell you what to do.

We are here to remind you that you are magnificent, that you matter and that you always are 100% at choice in terms of what you do, say, be, have and receive.

There is no obligation.

Simply pure, unadulterated CHOICE.

So the question is what will you continue to choose on a daily basis?

  • Love or fear?
  • Fight or ease?
  • Commitment or inconsistency?
  • Faith or lack?
  • Scarcity or abundance?
  • Sovereignty or victimhood?
  • Focus or overwhelm?

You are the creator of your own life.

Every choice creates.

Every choice amplifies or diminishes your dreams.

Every day matters because you are in it.

Every day expands because you are in it.

Every day amplifies because you are in it.

So acknowledge that you matter and that whether you are out there actively saving the world or simply eating a meal in the fresh air or walking your dog that you matter.

You don’t have to save the world in a day.

You don’t have to do all the things.

You must simply and truly BE YOU.

Take the pressure off for a hot second.

Take a breath.

If you feel the desire and the readiness to put your feet on the gas pedal then fine. Do what’s true for you.

But don’t push or try to do more because you think you “should” or as a way to compensate for what you think you haven’t done more of in 2020.

The Truth is simple: You’ve done PLENTY.

Because you’ve done more of what matters.

And for this we are so deeply grateful.

As you reflect on 2020 so far, here are some questions to ponder:

  • Did I make choices in alignment with my values and my dreams?
  • Did I confront uncomfortable truths and do my best to rectify them in my own timing and in my own way?
  • Did I speak up about what matters most to me and do my best to keep my relationships nurtured?
  • Am I following my Truth and nurturing myself?
  • Am I being honest with what I need and the pace that works for me?
  • What are some healthy ways to gauge success for myself this year?

What healing opportunities are ripe for this group now?

Take up space.
In fact, embrace space with all of your self-trust and confidence.

Deepen your self-care more profoundly than you ever have before.

Replenish in the most beautiful and simplest of ways.

Be creative.

Ask yourself on a daily basis: “ What do I need today to feel deeply supported and nourished?”

Then act on what you hear.

Trust that there is no race and nowhere to rush to.

Rather, let presence be your greatest friend, ally and supporter.

There is nowhere to be than right here, right now.

You have learned this lesson this year we know.

Do you have a final message for this community right now?

Trust in where you are right now.

We know it’s not always easy but know that you couldn’t be any farther than you are now and you wouldn’t want to be.

There is a time and a season for everything and your life has moved according to your highest good.

Your minds may not agree. But your souls do.

You’ve done plenty.

Rest up.

Chins up.

Courage up.

There is plenty more in store for each of you and it’s time you rested for the next exciting leg of your soul’s journey.

Above all, when you think all is lost, when things aren’t going to plan, remember this:

All. Is. Well. And you are so loved.

Until next time.

We love each of you so very much.

And we hope you can imagine how deeply supported and guided you are at every nano second of each and every day.

{Records closed}

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