Let’s talk about magic for a moment.

And how discounting magic in how we live and create has left us despondent, jaded and craving that childhood feeling of wonder and awe.

Magic is a lot more potent than logic but we tend to forget about it because our culture tells us to value logic over magic.

But the problem is that in the process of giving more weight to logic, we lose sight of magic altogether which is incredibly unfortunate given that magic is a key ingredient to actualizing anything you really want to create.

In fact magic is paramount; the non-negotiable ingredient in fact, to creating a life and business we truly desire and that’s sustainable.

I was just on a coaching call with a couple who are in the process of deciding where to buy a home and couldn’t get past their list of pros and cons for city versus country living.

Midway through the call I asked them: “Are you willing to consider or to believe in magic?”

They were but they were a little surprised by my bringing up the word “magic” on a call about relocation.

It’s not that they didn’t believe in magic. It’s that in the process of using logic to navigate their decision-making process, they stopped believing in magic which meant that they weren’t baking it into their creation process at all.

No wonder they found themselves moving around in circles (their words).

Later in the conversation the husband asked me: How do you reconcile magic with reality?

I responded that magic is always around us. The question is whether we are willing to acknowledge it and to give it a chance to “work its magic” by believing (even if it’s by a millimeter).

There will ALWAYS be pros and cons to ANY decision. Allowing magic to play into the equation you give yourself a chance to feel supported and to have what you actually want.

And when I talk to my clients I start by asking them to connect to a FEELING.

In the case of this couple, I asked them how they wanted to FEEL inside their new house.

-> I asked them to imagine what living there would look like on a day-to-day basis.

I asked them to stretch into the FULL PICTURE of what they wanted (not what they thought they could have based on market prices).

All of a sudden, the fog began dissipating and the Truth emerged in its place.

-> Images of baking in a spacious kitchen with the whole family surfaced.

-> The desire for more bedrooms to welcome guests was added in and a music/play room so on.

-> The vision of a backyard with trees, fresh garden and room for their son to play surfaced.

By the end of the call I reflected back to them ALL that they had told me they wanted and how I knew their wisdom and insight (what they had hoped from me) – was within them all along.

They thanked me for helping them to envision their new home through the lens of their heart and of magic and NOT just through their logical minds and of what they could and could not have.

I see this in business ALL the time.

This frankly is why my clients are HAPPY and PROSPEROUS PEOPLE.

I ask them to get honest about what they TRULY DESIRE and they can see, taste and smell that vision in real time.

In that moment the magic becomes REAL, in real time.

-> They start to describe how they start their day journaling, walking the dog and calmly sipping a cup of tea feels like.
-> They tell me of their desire to work fewer hours with more ideal clients that both challenge AND delight them.
-> They tell me of a book outline they are dreaming about and what it would be like to have it published.

We start with the IDEAL VISION in mind (aka the whole picture) and tap into the FEELING of what having that actually is like.

Now we’ve gone from black and white living (polarity thinking) to imagining in Technicolour.

When we do this in business, we have a solid foundation from which to work.

Because we are working from the energy of your Soul’s Truth – not what our mind’s tell us is possible (what does the mind really know)?

If the mind was the only thing that mattered, we wouldn’t have a heart or a soul!

Magic isn’t about faith or just believing in fairies and in weaving spells (though that’s super fun and cool).

It’s about believing in ourselves enough so we give ourselves a chance to win – a chance to have what we truly desire. To do that, we need to get out of the way by trying to understand the how.

Magic doesn’t understand the concept of “how”. It operates in the language of desire and feelings.

So next time you find yourself spinning in your business ask yourself: “how do I really want to FEEL and where can I allow for more MAGIC?”

Because anything we’re ever trying to accomplish, achieve or experience comes down to a specific FEELING we believe we will have because of it.

And on a final thought, what do we really have to lose when we open ourselves up to magic?

Sure there might be disappointment of not getting all that we want.

But magic is also the home of synchronicity, serendipity, wonder, awe, possibility, joy and miracles.

Isn’t NOT believing in magic really worth shutting out all this goodness?

So maybe it’s time to return to that old saying: Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you hit the stars (I may be paraphrasing here!).

Magic in business starts with believing in yourself.
Magic in business allows you to give your full vision rein to breathe.
Magic in business allows yourself to have what you really want and to get out of the way of it becoming real.

Helping established service-based women entrepreneurs to grow their business or – if they are at full capacity, to restructure their business model so they can grow without working more, burning out or compromising their vision – with tons of magic MAGIC – is what I do in my 8 week and 6 month 1:1 mentorship programs.

We start with your soul and what you really want and create alignment in your message, business model, money systems and your inner belief system so you start believing in magic again and let it permeate how you run, do and grow your business (hallelujah).

If you are interested in learning more, check out my Services page.
If you are interested in exploring further, you can book a 30 minute clarity call with me. I will ask you a few questions and if we are a good fit, I can get you started right away.

To the wonder of magic and serendipity,


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