This weekend I had a rite of passage moment.

After an intense week of bridal store hopping and trying over 30 dresses, I said “yes” to the dress (yay!!!).

I thought it would be an easier process and that I would just “know” which was my dress when I put it on. It wasn’t.

It’s one of the key lessons I’ve learned about actualizing dreams. It never shows up the way you think it will and yet it’s all perfect and in Divine timing.

This has definitely been the case with finding my sweet man (at age 41) and to saying yes to all things engagement and wedding.

Thinking back to three years ago, it’s hard to believe that I was single (and had been for a decade), that I was playing with the idea of moving to San Diego permanently and that my life looked and felt very different to today.

I remember the years when I would pour myself into work 7 days a week hoping that my calling would fulfill every area of my life.

The truth is that it didn’t and it couldn’t.

Creating a full and rich life means truly tending your life’s garden, of which your business is one component.

I learned the hard way that compartmentalizing my life where work was my only focus, led to unhappiness, imbalance and many lonely nights. It also didn’t nourish my soul OR my work.

My tag line until recently was “live the dream” because it’s not only what I help my clients with, but it’s the journey that I have been on myself.

And what I know for sure is that when you lean into your dreams, they come true.

So if there is a message I have for you today is to never, ever give up on your dreams.

Even if they look different or longer than you imagined, trust the process.

Your dreams are your True North.

They keep you honest.

They stretch you outside your comfort zone.

They invite you to live on the edge and to squeeze every ounce of magic out of life at every moment.

Your dreams are here to guide your calling, to be that invitation for you to share all of your brilliance with the world and to make your life incredibly rich and magical.

Whatever YOUR dream is, TRUST that you are right on time.

I will be 44 years old when I say “I do” this summer.

For decades this deep longing felt like a pipe dream.. I couldn’t see how it could come to fruition given my track record with men.

And yet, the one mindset I had that has gotten me to actualize so many of my deepest dreams was this:

“If I just keep going, eventually my dream WILL come true.”

I knew this in my bones and I want you to know this for yourself too.

This knowing is what kept me going through many setbacks, incredible dark nights of the soul and when people tried to tell me to “get real” and give up on my dreams.

2018 is still young.

My invitation to you is to DREAM BIG this year.

Don’t settle; compromise or give credence to naysayers.

Trust your dreams. Trust yourself. And if you need some soul guidance and motivation, re-read my 2018 channeled message here.

Here is to all your dreams coming true!

Cheering you on always,

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