Everything is changing. While that’s a fact always, I’ve been feeling it more now.

New beginnings are abound.

Whether they be external beginnings such as a move, a transition in your business direction, losing weight a change in relationship status or a shift in your internal landscape, shifts are happening.

It’s exciting and also can feel challenging.

Some of the change is welcome and expected while others leave us feeling anxious, fearful, uncertain and just plain uncomfortable.

We start asking ourselves: What’s my next step? How do I handle these emotions? Why is this happening FOR me?

The lesson amidst all the shifts we are experiencing in my opinion is this: STAY TRUE TO YOU.

The opportunity is to become masterful at knowing yourself, your priorities and your magic more intimately so you don’t get derailed or sidetracked.

Staying true to you takes shape in the millions of micro decisions you make daily:

  • Do I push through or stay in the discomfort of this waiting period?
  • Do I say yes once again, when I really want to say no?
  • Do I apply for that opportunity even if I’m afraid I’ll be rejected?
  • Do I speak up even though people may judge me or stop being my friend?
  • Do I keep denying my gifts/ diluting my message to fit in?
  • Do I keep doing things in my business for the money or do I take the higher road and choose what I really love?

And so on and so on. The choices are endless.

So the real question becomes: who is really going to be running the show moving forward?
Your soul or your fear?

This past month I had a huge realization (thanks Eclipses).

I realized that how I have felt about my business for years was directly correlated to how I had felt around a particular life incident in my teenage years that scarred me.

While SO obvious upon realization, it took me by surprise to realize how a past traumatic response was actually running my business rather than my most empowered and Higher Self.

At first I felt so incredibly sad, then angry and then my inner child just wanted to curl up in a ball and to be comforted.


All of the ways that I wasn’t happy about who I was being in business resulted from my reactive self that was responding to a past trauma.


This awakening has been SO liberating. So much now makes sense and I feel so much freer.

I had been asking for clarity for years now and I was finally to get the missing piece.

Sometimes the clarity we seek isn’t about identifying a next step but rather acknowledging the DRIVING INTENT AND ENERGY behind your steps.

And I am sure that you too must be going through some version of this – realizing where old patterns, dynamics and points of view served you before and how you can now release it and step into a more potent version of yourself.

Staying true also means stepping into the truth of you: A Divine, whole, magnificent being with incredible gifts to share with the world.

This last year I have doubted myself and my abilities enormously. As Caroline Myss said in a recent video I watched, it can be brutal doubting yourself and having your confidence compromised.

And we are blessed to have our experiences to shape, refine and define the best version of ourselves moving forward.

It’s time that the lies and the muck rises up and we get to pop it like a pimple and release it.

And from this wild and beautiful place, we get to be fully TRUE to ourselves: our story, our hurt, our doubts AND our magnificence.

Wherever you are on your soul’s journey I want to invite you to STAY TRUE TO YOU.

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The nudges, the whispers, the “crazy ideas”, the desires, the impulses to rock it out of your comfort zone.

And the ability to step into the KNOWING, the deep sense of conviction that you matter, your gifts are valuable and that you, just for living, have value and are magnificent and WHOLE.

Nothing to fix. Just muck to release and magnificence to shine through.

It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers.
It’s ok if you’re uncomfortable.
It’s ok if you are clear and you are rocking it while others are still finding their way.

It’s all perfect.

My soul is still tender as I navigate more shifts and I am sharing these reminders also as a way to remind myself that all is well.

Everything good that has happened in my life has been because I have been TRUE TO ME.

Self-betrayal is a bitch and you feel it in your bones when you do it. If you’re still reeling from the judgments of self-betrayal, I invite you into a new beginning based on self-forgiveness.

If you have forgiven yourself, I invite you to stay true to yourself and to take micro steps and to make small choices that become a HOLY PRACTICE OF STAYING TRUE TO YOU.

This is called soulful living.
This is what lights up your magic and allows you to make your greatest contribution.

I would love to support you in staying true to yourself.

I work with conscious entrepreneurs to create deep alignment in their business so they live their purpose, become leaders in their fields and create more profit and ease while operating in their zones of genius.

If you’re interested in having a conversation with me to help you stay true to you in your business and life, REPLY to this email and I will send you a link to my online calendar.

If this post resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you and how you are staying true to yourself.

To your sweet success,

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