In my pursuit of simplicity in business I have uncovered some fascinating insights about what it truly means for me and what has held me and my clients from experiencing it earlier.

In the process of creating a simple and spacious business model you realize that the hard part isn’t necessarily keeping it simple but rather the courage it takes to grow it in a way that’s totally your own (aka that debunks a lot of outdated beliefs, should’s and expertise) and to say what you really mean (i.e. to put your money where you mouth is).

I often hear my clients express their desire for a simpler business.

In the process of creating it, they realize that the reason they haven’t created it yet is because they aren’t familiar or comfortable with the notion of true simplicity.

The truth is that creating a simple business isn’t hard.

What my clients uncover is that in the presence of simplicity (aka the absence of outside noise and busy-ness), they are confronted with a scarier proposition: courage.

It’s not that they aren’t courageous already but their next level requires an amplified level of courage that transcends actions and instead a deeper level of self-trust and self-expression.

When you step into a simpler business model, you find yourself confronted with:

-> Having to say upfront what you are really believe (i.e. your stand). This means no more hiding or dimming down what you really mean.

-> Holding boundaries that aren’t comfortable.

-> Befriending the discomfort that comes with telling the Truth you’ve been withholding for months (if not years).

-> Standing up for and believing in yourself and your vision more than you’ve ever had to before.

-> Trusting yourself and your instincts over outside voices (the should’s and old patterns).

-> The silence that comes from having more time on your hands than you’re accustomed to.

And perhaps most challenging and critical: embodying what simplicity looks and feels like in your day-to-day life.

In a world where so many of us have learned to operate from trauma responses, cultural obligations, patriarchy-led roles of submission and contrition, we are left wondering what an exquisitely beautiful and simple life and business can really look and feel like. 

In a world where busyness is glorified as a means of self-validation and self-worth it is a REVOLUTIONARY ACT to choose simplicity over complexity.


-> To choose your own inner knowing over another’s expertise.

-> To choose your own freedom to be self-expressed over the suppression of conformity.

-> To choose well-being, profits and doing good simultaneously.

-> To choose your own less traveled path.

Courage is the foundation of simplicity.

It is also the foundation behind soulful leadership and the true joy that comes from doing business in a way that feels INNATELY NATURAL AND TRUE TO YOU.

This IS also the beauty of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes.

When you see the path it lays forward based on your soul’s natural leadership style, simplicity because the name of the game (i.e. the norm).

And with that comes the question of: “What do I do with myself with all of this simplicity?”

Last year when I hired a coach to help me write organic Facebook posts that would create organic leads in my DMs I was in heaven.

That was the vision I’d had for my business all along.

Once I started implementing the very simple process, I came up against an unexpected major hurdle:

I am not familiar with simple.

I didn’t know what to do with myself with all the open hours in my calendar.

I started to doubt the (simplicity of) the process.

I started adding more projects to my plate.

And while we are each individuals and I don’t mean to say everyone has the experience that I’ve had (and some of my clients have had with simplicity), it is something to contemplate if you’ve craved simplicity but haven’t found yourself entertaining it as your new normal yet.

Just like an elimination protocol that removes harmful and toxic foods from your diet so you have more energy, the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes help you to eliminate the harmful patterns, beliefs, and ways of doing business that hold you back from the joy and success available to you when you understand and operate from your natural style and language of leadership.

By combining a potent duo of soul guidance from your Akashic Records + practical business strategy + the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes framework, we create a simple roadmap that’s truly customized to you and your vision.

Taking action isn’t so much hard as it is an act of courageous devotion and love towards yourself first and your vision second.

Helping you to have moments where you say:” I can’t believe I have so much energy and time on my hands running my business” is one of the many benefits that comes from my brand new 8-week Intensive for coaches and consultants that want to grow a business that allows them the freedom to be fully self-expressed, to work fewer hours doing what they love and the flexibility to work when they want.

I will be sharing more about it with you in the next week but for now, I invite you to contemplate how you feel about running a simple business and what life with less drama (if you have more than you desire of it right now) would look and feel like for you?

Because for me, I had to really look at what a drama-free business that asked me to be more all of me really looked like. I’ll be sharing the actualization of this new level of me in the coming weeks.

For now, to the exquisite beauty of simplicity.



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