A few years ago, as I was going through a breakup, I was told in the Akashic Records to focus not on finding THE love of my life, but to focus on all the love that was already around me.

I never forgot that piece of guidance.

What you focus on expands.

And now that I am getting ready for my wedding this summer, this advice remains timely.

Today’s post is for you regardless of your relationship status.

I sense that many of you are holding something within your heart that is encumbering you.

Perhaps it’s an old relationship that hasn’t fully healed, or a deep longing and desire that hasn’t yet materialized.

More recently I have begun to notice the amount of grief held in my heart.

I had forgotten that over the last 2 years, I have lost 5 people to sudden deaths.

Moreover, I am becoming more and more present to the fact that my parents, while incredibly healthy and active, are getting older (as am I) and how this affects me.

More recently, I returned a dear puppy I pet sat for over a year and I had no idea that letting him go would leave me so heartbroken.

I say this, not to sound depressing, but rather as a reminder that have the choice to love ourselves and to tend to our hearts with kindness and gratitude.
We get to choose love and to choosing ourselves and in so doing, to not be held hostage, hijacked or derailed by loss, grief, loneliness or whatever else your heart may be experiencing now.
Spiritual bypass doesn’t work in the long-term.

Feeling, expressing yourself, being with what truly is, I find is a much more gentle and lasting approach.

So today, here are a few resources that are helping me and that I send as my love offering to your heart this Valentine’s day.


As you know, holding on to resentment and staying angry at someone is like drinking poison, hoping it will damage the other person (cute, not bright).

I have found the Ho’oponopono prayer to be incredibly healing:

I love you.
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

You can listen to this meditation with theta beats here.


In his book Being You, Changing the World , Dr. Dain Deer, co-founder of Access Consciousness talks about the five elements that create a new way of relating to everyone and everything:

a. Honouring
“This means being honouring of you, and honouring of your partner. To honour means to treat with regard. I all ways. Always.”

b. Trust
“What you have to trust is the person will be exactly as they were the moment you met them…. The other aspect of trust is trusting you.To have trust in you, you have to be willing to know that you know, and to know that you will choose what’s best for you.”

c. Allowance
“Allowance is where everything the other person – well anyone – chooses is just an interesting point of view. It’s just a choice, and it’s just an interesting point of view.… The moment you go into judgement, you’re out of allowance and out of intimacy.You can either have intimacy or judgement. Your choice.”

d. Vulnerability
“Vulnerability, in direct contrast to what you’ve been told, is not weakness. On the contrary, it’s the place of true power and potency.Why?Because when you have no barriers and no judgements, you can have total awareness of everything because you have nothing shutting it off and total power and potency available.”

e. Gratitude
“What if gratitude were the new paradigm? You can’t have gratitude and judgement at the same time. You can either be grateful or have judgement; they don’t co-exist. Which would you like to choose?”

If you already have the book, it’s pages 133 – 139 for the full descriptions.


I love the book: The 5 love languages.

If you haven’t yet identified the top ways that you make you feel loved, you can take the short quiz HERE.

My colleague Angella also had a brilliant idea that these love languages can be applied to work colleagues, clients and other people in your life so they feel loved and appreciated. Awesome, right?


And finally, here are a couple of meditations channeled in the Akashic Records to activate more love, peace and joy in your heart daily.

Click here to download your free love activation meditation.

Click here for your free chakras clearing and activation meditation

I hope these tools activate more love and hope in your heart and remind you of how loved you truly are.

To your loving and sweet success,


P.S.: This Valentine’s Day, I celebrate 1 year of becoming engaged. I thought it would be fun to share it with you here again here.

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